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Quote: Originally Posted by Rhannie My 3 year old is not vaccinated and I have not had any problems other than having to tell 5 different people that "we have opted against vaccinations" every time there's a city "check-up" for the kids JOOC, what's a "city check-up"? Is that like a checkpoint where they scan kids for disease?
As many MDCers probably already know, I plan to move out of the United States within the next year or so because of an ongoing debacle with the CDC (the details are outside the scope of this forum; you can PM me if you want a full explanation), and I was wondering if anyone knew what the laws regarding vaxes were in certain countries. My current choices of destination are Japan, UK/Ireland or Canada. Does anybody know what my options are if I am to have kids in any of...
Since I was in middle school, it's been common knowledge is a dumping ground for some of the worst shows on television, and the stereotype (no offense mommas ) has been that only the most shallow of people watch them. Hence why I'm not always up on these things. I don't watch much TV; when I do it's typically Food Network or USA.
When I was a kid, I had a subscription to Highlights. You might want to look into it.
Welcome to TCAC. Please prepare yourself for a flood of information.
I saw about half that video, and I was floored. What's next, a message about the benefits of circumcision?!?
Quote: Originally Posted by sandcastle I was on a board where the word "spoon" was changed to "thingy". When people shared a recipe, it showed that a 'tablethingy' or 'teathingy' was needed of an ingredients. Perhaps "spoon" is a bad word in some way, but I don't know in what context that would be. There were other words that were changed to "thingy". I tried to post a well known sporting goods store, but the name was changed to 'Thingys Sporting...
GAH! I KNEW this would happen eventually. Our society is so CALLOUS toward this sort of tragedy; they'll just blame the mother and claim it was a "casualty of breastfeeding," then formula companies will use the case as an example in their ads, and the list goes on and on and on.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roar It is saying more kids with DS are being born because people are becoming more aware that people with DS are are leading "longer and healthier lives." Even though more people are being tested and aware of options to terminate, fewer are. It seems like you'd consider that good news. As would the medical community. It might be a little out of place to mention this here, but I think doctors and specialists may be...
That's what it seems like to me. I was initially diagnosed with depression at age 9 and was put on Celexa until our insurance switched me to Zoloft. It took doctors until I was 14 to amend the diagnosis to Asperger's syndrome. (I've since been switched to Lexapro for the same reason as before; call me what you want.)
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