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It has been awhile since I have posted on Mothering, but wanted to put it out there that Friends of Michigan Midwives is growing and we could use your support! Our website has a growing list of midwives in Michigan, articles on birth, and information about our goal of licensing Certified Professional Midwives in the state of Michigan. Visit www.friendsofmichiganmidwives.org for more information. We also have a yahoo group and a facebook page. If you go to the JOIN US...
I lived in Petoskey for nine years, and a had a homebirth attended by a midwife from Traverse City. She is great! 
I had a great HBAC. I was nervous and by nature I am a huge worrier, but when I actually went into labor, I just concentrated on having the baby and the VBAC worries never surfaced for me. I had a water birth and the mw had an underwater dopplar device to keep track of the babies heartbeat. The whole thing went very smoothly. Just keep visualizing how you want your birth to be. Good luck, you can do it!!!
Hi, I have a son who has some issues with anxiety. I went to a naturopath today(1st time to a naturopath) to see if he could help balance him out a little and help him relax. I guess after the appointment I have mixed feelings about it. We were there for an hour and a half, he didn't seem to know how to talk to kids, and I get the feeling he was dragging it out so he could get more money for us being there. In the end, it was $150 for the initial consultation. I...
thanks sleepless mommy, that makes sense. I guess I never really believed that he fell for her, so I didn't understand why he was trying so hard.
I have a question about MP, since I just watched it last night. I still don't understand why Fanny was being courted by Mr. ? Sorry can't remember his name? She was smart in knowing that he was playing her, but why? She didn't have any money or anything. Was it simply b/c he could? I know that he said at one point he just wanted to make a small hole in her heart. So was he just a complete jerk? I have so enjoyed all of the movies so far. I am sorry that i missed Jane...
Have to say that we love the PBS version of Curious George here. The man in the yellow hat constantly cracks us up, "Oh my heck!" he says once as he opens the door to a pool sliding down a hill towards the house with George in it, and the kid who lives in the country who always tells George, 'there are certain procedures and rules to how we do this....you live in the city so you obviously don't know anything...." It is a show that my 7 year old and 3 year old and me...
alexsam-that is a beautiful way to put it. Thank you! my dd is 3.5 and i have had a friend who is supportive, but not quite understanding. She made a comment, "well, you are just eventually going to have to say no, right?" and I never quite new how to explain it.
My fav episode is the Sea Bear one. Totally cracks me up-"thats an oval!" I hate the commercials too, and it seems like during dora and other shows like that they are putting much more in than they used to. The water beads thing doesn't work, my SIL got them and they don't stick together very well and fall apart. We bought the blasted moon shoes last christmas. more like "cement shoes."
Thanks for posting this! I have been meaning to look it up and keep forgetting. The season finale was so good! I am really looking forward to the next season.
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