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I have two suggestions- #1- Go ahead and buy those boy jeans...and a bedazzler and some iron-on transfers. Your daughter might find it nice to make the clothing her own style AND keep those lovely deep pockets that boys get. Not to mention ease of movement and durability. #2 Check out SierraTradingPost.com They sell a lot of clothing made for the more athletic outdoor kid (like Columbia) and a pretty hefty selection of "made for a major retailer" clothing that is off on...
I highly recommend the blog "raising my rainbow" www.raisingmyrainbow.com to anyone and everyone. A kindergarten teacher cousin of mine sent me the link back when my son was very gender-non-conforming, and that mom's stories helped give me the language and strength I needed to deal with the very small-minded people in our very small rural town. For my son, the hair and the skirts were just a phase- though I think he would have kept the hair if I hadn't eventually told him...
 I take a deep breath. Then another.  Then I remind myself that  I trusted him enough to marry him and have children with him, and I have to trust him to be the best parent he can be. Doesn't always work, but I'm doing the best I can, too.
That's not overreacting. With luck it was just loving-dad blindness on his part, and not a conscious decision to give his daughter the appearance of breasts. Point it out to him, he could be just as grossed out as you at the thought of his daughter in a boob dress. Girls' clothes is a tough world to navigate, I wish you the best of luck.   (Want to be really grossed out? Take a look at the bathing suits meant for toddlers.)  
Momsteader- I see you are in Montana, you might try to find KeliGreen Laundry Detergent, made by a mom here in MT-   http://www.flatheadbeacon.com/articles/article/homemade_detergent_makes_it_to_supermarket_shelf/23375   I know it is carried by many of the larger health food stores in the state, Rosaurs, some others. Economical, works, won't kill the fish. Smells nice. When I can't get that, I use Country Save. Works well in hard water.
I didn't do any more cleaning, or change the way I clean. I started volunteering at a local non-profit. Having people outside the home who appreciate what I do, and seeing the difference I make in my community gave me renewed energy for the sometime drudgery of housework. Also, it gets me out of the house and away from the husband and kids a few hours every week and no one can complain, 'cause I'm doing charity work!  
Here are my favorite responses to the "long hair" comments (my son is 6, and these are the things we have come up with for him should he want to respond to folks) "I like it this way, and it's my hair" "Jesus had long hair" and my favorite, if asked why he has long hair " 'cause I'm a rock star, that's why."    We have had A LOT of conversations over the years about dealing with other people's comments. It is amazing how fast people shut up when confronted with...
Another perfectly normal introvert here. This is my favorite illustration to explain to the extroverts: http://schrojones.deviantart.com/art/How-to-Live-with-Introverts-291305760   I also use knitting to lessen the impact of social gatherings. The hot drink idea is great, too, relaxing those vocal chords and helping with "socializing hangovers". I make sure to drink lots of water, and clear my calendar for at least two days after a big event. I am just totally...
  Wow. I just read through these links. I had no idea HSLDA was so scary. Thanks for sharing, Fillyjonk.
It is a difficult transition time for everyone, dogs included! It sounds like they need some exercise. Do you have anyone offering to give you any help with the baby? If so, recruit them to help the baby by taking your dogs for a walk! If you can't recruit friends or relatives, look into a local dog-walking service, or even neighborhood dog-loving tween or teen to take them out. Around here, I can get my dog walked for about $4/hour.
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