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I'm so sorry I've neglected all of you. :). Things have been crazy here. We had lots of sicky bugs. December 31-January 1 we were in the hospital with my 1 year old. He ended up with peneumonia...two day stay. We got home the evening of January 2 and found an eviction notice in the mailbox. Landlord sold the property without notifying us and we had 30 days to get out. So all of January was packing and moving. Since then I've been busy trying to unpack our home in the new...
ahhh...gone for a few days and this thread gained four pages. Sheesh. LOL. I will catch up. When my brain gives me the ability to concentrate. Oy! ;)
Hey...LONG time no see huh. Sorry! November was crazy as was October. Blah. ANYWAY. I'll try to check in more often. I have an appt coming up on the 13th for my morphology scan. I'll be 21 weeks almost. SO anxious to know if this baby has straight feet (not clubbed like my last one did)...Lord have mercy and give him straight feet please!!!!! Not a ton of time but wanted to say i still exist and sorry for neglecting you all! LOL. :)
Cari. No...NOT disappointed...shocked but not disappointed. :) I'm very very happy to have a healthy baby. That is all that matters :)
LOL...Maybe so!!! :)
I updated in the announcement thread but will here too for those that may not read over there lol. We had a scan today and (so far) it's a BOY :) and only one :)
Just got home and got on the computer....we tentatively have ONE baby BOY :) We'll see if he's still a boy come our 20 week scan :) LOL (I will be 16 weeks saturday so I distrust it a little)
:( hugs about the passing of your husband's uncle :( And ick about the crampy day....I have a bladder the size of texas and usually dont have to get up in the middle of the night til much later but I'm already getting up at 3am usually to pee. UGH. I dont know what it's going to be like later lol...good thing there is a bathroom attached to our room and I'm tempted to move our bed around to where I'm RIGHT smack by the bathroom lol.   YAY about moving it up to...
Glad your appt was so great! :) I have my ultrasound tomorrow that will tell me if I'm right and there are two or if I'm wrong and I'm just huge lol!
I'm sorry. Hugs
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