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 I'm laughing so hard -- was that on purpose???
So far today:   - did it again!  got up, took a shower, made the bed - washed and hung a load of laundry - got a couple things at natural food co-op - cashed a check at the bank - activated my mother's new ATM card - picked up dry cleaning for DH - dropped off large sack of household linens at donation center - swept the floor in our living area - dragged a couple area rugs out to shake the dust and grit loose in the yard (I donated our old vacuum cleaners; DS1...
 Hope the day gets better!
Our sons' colleges -- costs more per student than full-pay charges; we often stipulate for financial aid.  Crisis center, food pantries, a local environmental preservation group, ACLU.   Time, as well:  I volunteer for a couple of groups involved in advocating for public policy and legislation.
Woke up to snow on the ground!   - one of those days when making the bed and showering qualify as accomplishments - paid some bills - sorted and stored a huge bunch of Legos - did my PT stretches - got a sack ready for donating and took it out to the car - took delivery on bathroom cabinet, shimmed it up, wiped it clean, cut my mother loose with household linens, etc. - made soup - read a book about decluttering, took some notes (luckily it's a library book so I...
Yes, we conspicuously did *not* use MBTA.com.
Went onto nextbus.com for him to see if he'd be on time for something.  Cool site!
- got a haircut - bought groceries - pick up a prescription for my mother - returned library books - more Lego reorg - acted as DS1's smartphone at a bus stop - moved bathroom storage shelves around to make room for tomorrow's cabinet delivery
Nursing a sore shoulder (heh, computer mouse related).   - up and out to post office, waited in line longer than usual -- tax returns? -- mailed DS2's box - dropped off dry cleaning for DH - checked with the shoe repair place about DH's dress shoes, they said to write them off - went to bank and deposited a check for my mother - home for a late breakfast - packed away some more Legos and - dusted and disassembled some of DS2's Lego sets, started bagging them away...
Oh, wow.  DH and I are saving up for a garage.  Where does that leave us????  Because, it being spring in New England, all I can say is "We park the cars wherever it isn't too boggy."
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