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Yes, we conspicuously did *not* use MBTA.com.
Went onto nextbus.com for him to see if he'd be on time for something.  Cool site!
- got a haircut - bought groceries - pick up a prescription for my mother - returned library books - more Lego reorg - acted as DS1's smartphone at a bus stop - moved bathroom storage shelves around to make room for tomorrow's cabinet delivery
Nursing a sore shoulder (heh, computer mouse related).   - up and out to post office, waited in line longer than usual -- tax returns? -- mailed DS2's box - dropped off dry cleaning for DH - checked with the shoe repair place about DH's dress shoes, they said to write them off - went to bank and deposited a check for my mother - home for a late breakfast - packed away some more Legos and - dusted and disassembled some of DS2's Lego sets, started bagging them away...
Oh, wow.  DH and I are saving up for a garage.  Where does that leave us????  Because, it being spring in New England, all I can say is "We park the cars wherever it isn't too boggy."
MrsKoehn, hope your spoon inventory rises soon.  And send the cold and rain this way, kitchensqueen, I'm in the mood to hunker down a little more -- spring asks too much activity of me, and I'm basically a housecat.  Spiderpig, your farm is gorgeous, definitely good for the soul to be out there.   Baked baked baked yesterday, then moved / moving the bounty along:   - responded to an email from DS2 about the Heartbleed virus; we will never be fleeced while our sons are...
Have a wonderful time!
^^^  Yes, congratulations, and every happiness!   Such mundane, non-vaginal accomplishments here:   - watched a turkey (young tom) posturing in our backyard - bought groceries and put them away - wrote and mailed check for a puppy deposit - sorted, labeled, bagged, and stored parts of Lego Universe up in the attic - withdrew in dismay at finding one of DS2's boxes of very dusty Legos -- those await another day - practiced a little French online - changed some...
Awwwwwwwwww!  Congratulations!!!
- made my mother a loaf of GF bread - did my physical therapy stretches - took some measurements in the bathroom for a linen cabinet - went to a couple of furniture stores to try finding one that would fit and not cost $$$$ - returned one library book, took out another - dropped off an old cuckoo clock at the donation center - picked up some Sharpies and labeling tags at Staples - checked with DH about the cabinets, decided on one, bought it over the phone - read a...
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