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#1, section   #2, 3.5 hours. In the bed with epidural. (I got epi at 9.5 cm, and shouldn't have.)   #2, I pushed maybe 2 minutes, and she flew out. All natural.
  Lydia is my rainbow baby, too, also conceived just a few months after miscarriage. And my husband very much wanted to name her... PENELOPE. :) Loved the name, but we finally agreed on my first choice.     She was due 1/8, so I was shocked to have her here less than 6 hours before midnight!  She came so fast compared to the one before her. She was very sweet, giving us the tax deduction and all, LOL.
Lydia is doing very well!  She was born on New Year's Eve (I was mainly in the January DDC, so no one in this group probably remembers me!) and is 7 months old now.  She has been sitting by herself for about a month.  She is EBF but has tasted a little squash and avocado so far. Over 19 pounds at her 6 month check up. She has more chub than my other babies did, and I just love it!!!  
I am just seeing this thread and wanted to share a recent photo of my sweet Lydia.  
Love the pics!  Congratulations!!!
Congratulations!!! What a cutie!
Wonderful picture!  Congratulations!!!
She is beautiful! congratulations!!!
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