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We used prefolds and covers with few pockets thrown in.  We shook off any solids we could and then put the diapers in a nylon bag in a pail.  On wash day we would put everything in the washer, use 1/2 the amount of detergent suggested on the bottle (we used All free and clear liquid for the most part) and ran a cold prewash, hot wash and an extra rinse with the water plus setting on our LG front loader.  Once a month or so I would do a sanitary cycle in place of the hot...
We would love to win a Beco!   My DH thinks that more men would babywear if more carriers showed moms and dads wearing on the packages and websites.  I briefly scanned the Beco website and was sad to find only one picture of a dad wearing...
I'm 17.5 weeks and I'm still down a pound from where I started :(     it seems like every week I manage to gain that I have lost it by the next week...
Is our baby due in August a boy or a girl?  Thanks!
I see the OB for the first time on the 17th, I'll be 11 weeks 1 day.  Up until this point I have been seeing my GYN, as he is the one that confirmed the pregnancy.
We won't tell they boys (3 and 4) until I am past 14 weeks...so we will probably tell them in early February.  We'll probably do the Little Critter book about the new baby to break the news.
We originally had planned Elliot Levi for a boy and Miriam Garnet for a girl, but I've met too many little girl Elliots lately so we are back to the drawing board...
I'm estimated at 6 weeks 1 day today, so I should be 6w 4d on Thursday.  I was on birth control when I got my BFP, so they are trying to date the pregnancy. (I had an ultrasound at 5w 1d but it just showed an empty sac, so I am hoping its not too early on Thurs to see a nice strong heartbeat, or at least some development...)
I have another one on Thursday 12/16.
Hospital birth with an OB. I had my first in the hospital with a CNM and the second was delivered by an OB due to prematurity.  I'm sticking with the OB as she is actually less intervention happy than the CNM was.  She let me birth in the position I wanted to and didn't push for any interventions.  She even let me check out of the hospital within 6 hours of DS2's birth.
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