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I really think it is normal for symptoms to come and go.  I vaguely remember smooshing my breasts to see if they were still tender early on in other pregnancies. LOL  I am now in my 5th week and have just feel slightly sick and nothing sounds much appealing to eat.  I am also real tired.
On 15dpo my hcg was 475 and progesterone was 29,3.  On 20dpo my hcg was 5120 and didn't get the progesterone levels but the secretary said that progesterone was very good.
I am not even four week pregnant but I do have symptoms.  I had cramping starting at 7dpo.  I think that must have been implantation and or things stretching out.  My breasts hurt and feel huge!  I have had some diahrea(normally I have the opposite problem!) and really bad smelly gas.  I have a very sensitive nose already but it seems that it is even more sensitive.  I felt a bit sick today when at the groccery store and also when brushing my teeth.  I have no energy...
Hello!   I am 35 and will be 36 when this baby is born.  I was 20, 21, and 26 when I had my other children.  I do feel though at 35 I am in better condition.  I do get severe morning sickness and I fear I could have even more problems with that being older.
Mama2Cesca due date August 19th
coffee maker(senseo) coffee pad holder small container for used pads metal container to hold frequently used utensils fruit bowl mortar where have garlic sitting in veggie bowl   I try to keep things in the kitchen rather cleaned up because it is open to the dining/living area but I am comfortable with the amount of stuff we have out.
We keep the heat between 64-68 degrees during the day.  In the morning it is at 68 for an hour and after 7pm it is at 68.  The other time it is at 64 degrees.  At night the heat is turned off. We have a super insulated house and without heat on even when freezing it doesn't go below 62.
Both my children went through phases where they would only talk in Dutch. I had eventually got tired of feeling like I was trying to shove English down their throats. My oldest told me she didn't see why she should speak English as I understood Dutch. Things that helped were family visitors that didn't speak Dutch. They would always speak English to my parents when they visited. However because they didn't speak it with me their English would be limited and that led...
I have had three c-sections. I think my sex life has stayed the same/gotten better in a lot of ways. However most of the ways it has gotten better have to do with getting older, being sexual partners for such a long time, etc. However I really hate my c-section over hang. It is so gross and it doesn't help that I need to lose about 50lbs. We assumed our sex life very soon after all the births(my idea) and there was never any pain.
I have a friend in Denmark and she has rejected the food too! Boiled potatoes all the time! It is the same way in Belgium. In Belgium I love the variety of languages/cultures in this tiny country. It is really interesting! I love the biking and how enviromental/frugal most people are. I have rejected boiled potatoes, soup as a first course all the time, ironing everything including underwear and socks, gossiping mothers at the school gate, gossiping family,...
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