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I think that's what I should have asked - how to make your sac stronger. Looking into Vit C - thanks :)
yes my water breaks on it's own, hence the question. 
Labor is dare I say easy until my water breaks. Then I have contractions every other min until baby comes out - it's intense! I would love for my water to break when I'm further along (you know 9 cm lol) rather than my normal 5ish.  This is baby #5. Is it possible to slow things down a bit? Thoughts?
Find your local ICAN chapter (international cesarian awareness network)
So amazing!! enjoy your baby moon :)
no advice but a hug
be prepared, be informed, make good choices, you can do it
so sick!   with #1 & #2 I was sick until week 13 with #3 sick until week 22 with #4 sick until week 16   hoping #5 is more like 1 & 2   good luck :)
I'm preggo with #5 and for me morning sickness starts slowly at 6 weeks.
Any Mommas that will be over 40 at EDD? I'm having unusual anxiety about this - not sure why.
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