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Thanks for all your thoughts.  I started to really get in there with wiping and that solved the problem almost right away.  I guess I didn't have as much access at the potty compared to when I was changing her diaper! 
HI guys, My almost 3yo has been potty trained last month.  She got it right away, had only a couple of accidents the first week and is wearing underwear.  She wears night time diaper at night, but has been waking up dry for more than a week.  So we are thinking of doing away with those, too, now.  So today she tells me her vulva is ouchy, and I look to find a rash!  It is red around her labia and looked like a diaper rash to me.  I put on some desitin and put a diaper...
Hi there, I'm guessing you have your baby in front?  I would suggest a couple of things to try.  1) Try to move your "chest" strap higher up on your back.  I have mine near the base of my neck actually (partly because I can't reach, lol) 2) Try to tighten the chest strap shorter so shoulder straps are closer to one another 3) Try to shorten the shoulder straps so baby is snug against you Good luck!  
Ha!  Me, too.  I have 2 in diapers and it's so a non-issue.  Most times I change them together, but really not a problem what-so-ever.  
DS is now 18 pounds at 3 months! 
  My friend's baby slept from 7pm to 7am from like 3 weeks old until now (2 yo).  never wakes at night EVER.  of course i hate them lol!    
Ack vicodin!  I took literally one pilll and then decided it was not worth it!  I felt totally loopy, constipated, and gave me super dry mouth, too.  Have you try to just go with motrin for the pain?  My OB gave me prescription strength motrin (600mg) and it was lenty strong for me after vaginal delivery.
Thanks for all the encouragement to keep exercising.  I know I need it for many reasons, including the extra 20+ pounds on me!   Anyways, I wanted to report back that after my workout on Sunday (went to cardio kickboxing class), my boobs stayed feeling normal, so yay!  I do think the supply was having "issues" when I wrote the original post.  My breasts felt totally empty (like after I weaned my DD!) for several hours.  And there was no milk coming out - didn't see milk...
I feel for you mama!  I think the short answer is you just have to deal with it.  I see your toddler has just turned 2.  She is probably old enough to understand and be excited about the new baby (hence the singing and stuff), but not yet old enough to adjust her behavior for the new baby.  My DD is 30 months and she still is 50/50 in terms of being able to be considerate for baby's naps, etc.  Luckily for us my DD is super noise tolerant and we have a pretty big house. ...
Hi mamas, This has happened the last 3 times I went to the gym (1x per week).  Each time, I nursed my little one, went to gym, and went on an eliptical trainer for 20-30 minutes.  Didn't even work out that hard as I am starting to get back into it.  I drink a whole bottle of water (16oz?) trying to keep hydrated.  When I come back from the gym, I feel great, but my breasts totally feel empty!  All three times it took a good 5 hours or so until I felt like my breasts...
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