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Well, that's how the Duggar family and their 19 kids started out... First two had the same letter (J) and they thought the 3rd would feel left out so they named the 3rd, 4th, 5th and then they were stuck with names they probably didn't love,,,, name them what you love
There is an EPIC post on baked oatmeal around here somewhere.... I'll do a search and see what I can do Found it!! http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...ighlight=baked I've tried a lot of em.. all good
It REALLY depends on the pool and the life guard situation. We belong to the JCC and it's rarely crowded, well guarded and ALL the lifeguards know my 6 year old DD and her swim ability - at one time almost each of them have taught her swim classes or coached her water polo clinic. She's level headed and a good swimmer. Just this month I started leaving her for the 2 minutes it takes for my son to go pee - after insisting she stay in the shallow end.... and THAT...
I'd try the "Mom, take her to the zoo for 6 hours" approach during the day and SLEEP!! No laundry, email.... just sleep!
Let's see.. at that age Chris J saw my bra tag through a white shirt (36DD) and announced it over the loadspeaker at school.... It's tough out there... for exercizing? A sports bra OVER her good bra is the best bet.. and try Nordstroms Rack for good bras cheap!! Lisa (who hit 38J while nursing)
The child is a sweetheart and the only reason I deal with their crap and socialize with BOTH (and listen to the crap they spew) is that MOST of her friends refuse to deal with EITHER parent... and the girl deserves friends who cross the great divide.
Thanks. Practices are on Parent A's custody but games are on Saturdays and in three weeks the Mom will have to know or it will be missed. Yup, I know I can't say anything... I'm hoping that the league lady will get back to DH NOW and HE tells her soon. Because although I like the Mom? when it comes to the Dad? She's not sane... she'll end up REALLY mad if we spend 4 hours together without me mentioning it. But I'll do the right thing
Need to bump because I'm seeing Parent B in 30 minutes!!!
I think it may also depend on HOW scheduled the classes are? Strict ballet - stand and listen and follow quietly? or parks and rec - "we've got gym mats and show you a sumersault then you goof around and try what you want while hanging with friends.." the latter is more a "playdate" activity for moms that stink at setting up playdates
My husband is a new volunteer soccer coach and got his new team roster last week - it turns out we know one child well - and she has parents that do not get along - headed to court AGAIN.. I THINK they have joint custody, i KNOW they split the week Mon-wed wed-fri and every other weekend. Parent A signed up daughter and is listed as contact - Parent A also listed Parent B (without phone number) in the parent box. DH called Parent A a week ago and felt that Parent A...
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