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My 2 cents (worth less than that) is wait until the newness of K wears off.... At the beg. of the school year with a Kindy DD? She was TIRED (and we went half day). By Oct? she was fine
LAst year my 5 yo Kindy DD went to school half day. Generally 3 activities per week - Hebrew school, soccer or ice skating and Spanish. This year she switches to full day (still gets out at 2) and we are cutting back until we see how she does... we try not to schedule things on MOndays - because she gets her homework for the week on Mon and our goal is to get that done as much as possible on Monday - and if that falls behind? we drop an activity (but Hebrew school is...
Yup. warmbelly.com! Did this for months But in the end, I switched pools. Chances are? YOUR pool has swim meets, at which there is a MAX acceptable temp at which they set the pool.... you can't shift the temp of a pool quickly so they keep it there. Did lessons at a small pool (no meets) and they set the temp higher. BIG change in acceptance
Quote: Originally Posted by MadiMamacita can it be planned over a long weekend so that most people will have monday off? that'sthe reason that so many Jews get married on Labor/Memorial Day weekend... no Sat weddings either. I swear those weekends are EVERYONE'S anniversay date. Can you do a Sunday Ceremony at 1? Tea DIRECTLY following? I have no patience for whining about "I can't get hammered with booze" BUT some sympathy for "It's...
Explain the studies mentioned above and tell him that while you respect his opinions that are contrary to your beliefs (and fact)? you won't PAY for his opinions that are contrary to your beliefs. OK, no BF in bed? He can get up at night, change diapers, bring you the baby, you nurse sitting up, he stays awake through the whole process then takes the baby, burps the baby and gets it back to sleep. How long do you think THAT will last?
Small Sat BBQ (have the family sponsor it! "I know you will all want to get together, why don't we meet at...." ) and a Sunday morning brunch/ ceremony? Brunch can be elegant and cheap and then everyone is done by 1pm and can drive home....
SPorts bra? No. Sports bras? Yes I wear my best supportive bra with one of those generic sports boob smashers OVER it. And voila! I can do jumping jacks!
Find your local rugby club. Go to a game. Chances are good that there are plenty of kids on the sidelines speaking Afrikaans... get a playdate going. THis is partially in jest, but DH plays rugby and it's astonishing how many Springboks are about
Hooray for you and a healthy ending. I'm in CA and we have lifeguards at my gym/pool. Many of them. Usually 5 lifeguards for one 25 yeard pool plus 2 foot kiddie pool. ANd they are all really well trained There's a sign posted that ONLY children who can swim halfway across the pool, swim back and exit the pool by the side (not the steps) are allowed in the pool without a parent IN THE POOL
basket by the door... the relief that occurred when I got to stop nagging about putting them in their closets was amazing!!
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