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you did the right thing but please remember that that which drives you most crazy about your child TODAY may be their best attribute as they grow. I wouldn't accept the behaviour either but imagine Riley 7 years from now when her friends are trying to cajole her to do something "wrong" (drugs, cheating, whatever) She's got a great personality to stay strong and not be swayed by arguments!
My children know that they either hold the cart/hand or they get in the cart. No exceptions... fussing? we leave (if it's somewhere they like)... We've had PB&J for dinner "sorry Dad, we couldn't finish our shopping... DD wouldn't stick close"
OK, I know it LOOKS silly and you may chalk it up to "silly expensive baby crap" but THIS thing worked wonders on my son who HATED the potty http://www.peterpotty.com/ it turned my boy's entire PL experience around Full disclosure - my boy is not SN, I just stalk the SN board for an extended family member
Quote: Originally Posted by BookGoddess You know our local AYSO soccer group has a program called the VIP (Very Important Players) program for kids with all sorts of diabilties. I thought it was a local program, but just doing a Google search showed it's a national program. Kids who have not fully mobile, blind, autistic, etc. play soccer. The motto of the AYSO VIP program is "everyone plays". Check out the link. Maybe there's a program in your area....
I think an uninstall is in order.... take it apart and make sure it looks fine in the back
We had a death issue at 5 as well for DD, but because her grandma died. We read Charlotte's Web during that time and although it WAS sad, the concept of Charlotte living forever through her children was appealing to her. Now she runs around and mentions death almost TOO casually. "You'll be dead someday, but I'll still love you" "um, yea, great"
[QUOTE=mama2mygirl;15521219] Quote: Originally Posted by velochic Because it's my money and I get a little say about what to buy. She is always welcome to use her own money to buy 5 identical dresses if she wants to... which of course she doesn't want to do.[/QUOTE You must not do the hanna play dress/day dress. The whole point is that it's the same comfy quality dress but in a different color every single year in every single size. No...
letting it go is the best bet... but if you can't? Use Tally marks on paper to add/subtract... it helps the visual learner but helps them segway into doing it in their heads when they are out and about and no paper handy...
"well, if the vaccines work so well, the vaxed kids would never get them anyway so why do you care?"
While I am sure you need empathy, and I hope you get all you need, I would also wonder if a little practical advice first. Is there any way you could get some cash out of you joint account NOW? Not a clean-it-out thing... but a I-need-a-few-bucks-to-fill-the-tank-and-stay-in-a-hotel thing if it comes to that (I hope it does not) gotta go.. kids to bed GOOD LUCK
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