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36 G here... After the first 4 months I just wore a really supportive underwire (non-nursing) and hiked it up over the boob to nurse. Otherwise I looked AWFUL and felt frumpy,,, Do I recommend it? Well, I don't want to be responsible for nursing problems but 5 years later, no issues !!
I just heard an NPR story about LOTS of kids getting stuck at O'Hare on Dec 26 a few years ago... which is the traditional Mom puts kids on plane to divorced Dad day... a 9 hour delay and dozens of kids with no place to sleep.... But they all survived. My kids are too young for me to know what age works for me.. but a connecting flight sounds REALLY scary!
Quote: Originally Posted by limabean And hey, you've got Snoop Dogg too right? Werd... hangin in the LBC
Quote: Originally Posted by lolar2 Were you by chance in the dollar store at the USC University Village? USC has one of the best opera departments in the country. (I used to TA at the music school, but not in voice.) Nope, we are mostly out of the "hollywood" weirdnes in Long Beach. some filming down here but they don't live/play in these parts
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicianDad Ok that is just awesome! Odd, but awesome. Was she good? To my completely untrained ear? She was fairly good, and I'd bet that she would be REALLY good if she were warmed up!
I had to run into the dollar store before a big picnic (yes, disposible tablecloths ) Oh, and a bit of relavent data, I live somewhat near LA (Los Angeles - not Louisiana) Anyway, I was checking out when a young woman ran in and in a VERY frazzled voice said " do you have balloons... see, I am auditioning for GLEE and I had a director who was going to bring a guy who had like 40 drummers with him and then , well, he called me, and well, then he said ya know 40...
Quote: Originally Posted by erratum I'm crazy about soda water, too. I deam of getting one of these where you can make soda water at home in a glass container. we own the cheap version of this!! and LOVE it! and while the cheap version makes it in plastic bottles? I goes INTO the plastic bottle for about 5 seconds and then into our glasses so I don't sweat it!
sounds like the job "suits" you...
This happened to us last week. My 3 year old son had sand thrown in his face by three older girls (5?). I stepped in and said "please stop" and if they HAD? It would have been over. No biggie. Instead? They threw another handful and LAUGHED when he started freaking out and crying. The giggling made me madder than the sand. "where is your grownup?" I asked (lots of nannies that day) And they pointed her out, so I told her. I wish I hadn;t. I get the...
nightweaned at 2.... still nursing 18 months later (gee, i WISH it had an impact)
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