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http://www.flickr.com/photos/17652992@N00/2340915542/ this is just a shawl wrapped and tied in BACK.. doesn't solve the cleavage issues though and WOW you are lovely!
I'm not that freaked out about this kind of stuff... maybe he can pee without getting pee on his hands? My son certainly has the knack of peeing in a urinal with his hands behind his back - (we wash anyway as a good habit) But, it upsets you.. so.... "hey FIL, I bought this new soap that smells like _______... wanna try it out?" (PS, go out and buy some cool soap)
I loathe diaper bags but for that combo.. NOTHING better than http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/33423785/c/289.html the side pockets carry sippies... it's not for the massive packer though... THey are on sale everywhere, I got mine in the 50% off bin at REI If you don't mind PINK http://www.rei.com/product/792869?pr...:referralID=NA
Remember, the goal is not for the BABY to STTN, the goal is for YOU to be well-rested (or fairly well-rested). Yea, CIO WILL get you there. but at a price for both you and the baby. Find the way to get some sleep... co-sleeping? Naps? Daddy takes them on SUndays? And I GUARENTEE that he will outgrow this!!! But if you need to put him down and walk away while your partner, friend, parent snuggles him? that's NOT CIO... that's sanity-preservartion!
Quote: Originally Posted by frontierpsych Yes! I use it at the dentist! this!!!
i have a bought few pair and they are FINE. Certainly worth the money. BUT, over the years I notice that mu COSTCO glasses a) last longer without breaking (and I have bought the expensive non-breakable titanium, the cheapies and everything inbetween) and b) have better lenses... I definately see better with better quality lenses but I can only tell if I do a side by side comparison... So my "boring" everyday go-to glasses (I wear contacts too) are COSTCO. My...
hanna anderssons beach pants or any of their roll-up pants work great. My chunkster wore the beach pants rolled up one year and FINALLY is wearing them rolled down THIS year. THeir elastic is oddly magical. Never falls down and somehow doesn't leave marks as if they are too small. And somehow their magic fabric cuffs stay cuffed Pricier but worth it an example http://www.hannaandersson.com/style....simg=30466_S32
Quote: Originally Posted by Needle in the Hay Why wouldn't it be OK for children who can't or aren't ready to communicate legibly on paper? Access to a computer could be one way to help the OP's son. I'm sure with a bit of creative, open-minded thinking they could come up with other options as well. Certainly better than giving him an F to worry about over Christmas break. It's a great idea and if that applies to the OPs son than they should let...
My 3 year old started yelling "I will KILL you" to his older sis when he is mad (thanks older kid at preschool!) We started explainng kill and death to no avail. We tried ignoring it.. no dice. I decided to tell him "hey that's not very creative... or funny.. what would be a funny way to tell your sister you are angry?" Now, he is running around the house saying " I'm going to turn you into a mushroom, put you on a pizza and EAT you" I'll take that!
My DD reacts badly to sugar and this time of year is a problem. After her K teacher gave her oreo cookies? Oddly enough, she "went on yellow" (their version of a warning for behaviour) I was volunteering in the classroom the next day and joked with her "Hey, you are the teacher, do whatever you like, but E reacts badly to sugar... give her what you want but don't expect me to reprimand her if she misbehaves on a tummy full of cookies... YOU earned that yellow.....
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