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So it boils down to you wanting the house to be in the same state as when you left it in the morning? Is that fair to say?   It just isn't realistic. There are 2 tiny kids in your house, your house will not stay the same. That is life. That is kids. If it stresses you that much, you need more housekeeper time or the kids out of the house.   It's hard to listen to you complain about the untidy kitchen when the most important thing is the well-being of your...
You want the nanny to set things up so that you have quality time with the kids when you are home? It doesn't work like that. She cares for your children in your absence, not to smooth your path when you get home.   You have so much help-nanny, housekeeper, weekend and evening babysitters...yet you are still unhappy. Something needs to change and I truly don't think it's wiping up the crumbs in the high chair.
Quote:   Nah, I don't think so.   Anyway what's that got to do with swaddling?   Your comments about SIDS being hype are quite horrifying. I strongly suggest you speak to parents of kids lost to SIDS and tell them it's hype, then get back to us.
    ...and what about at night time when the mother is trying to sleep? By this theory you propose the poor mother is awake 24/7. No thanks.       Babies moving around and wriggling has nothing to do with the lord. That's called muscles and human biology.   If swaddling works, then it works. If a baby doesn't like it, he/she doesn't like it. Pretty simple.    
"By the time kids are partway into elementary school and start to realize that school sucks..." You can't call this child-led, when using inflamatory language like this. What happens if a child thinks school doesn't 'suck'...then what? I understand what Kitty is trying to say-and saying it well. You can't call it child-led if you create an atmosphere at home of 'school sucks'. You need to open your mind to the fact that being child-led might mean your child loves...
Thanks all. We get spiders in the bath tub and I rinse them down the drain, and I will kill flies and cockroaches inside the house too. DS was upset because the other 8 y.o pulled the bug apart for no reason, other than it was there. StormBride, 'acceptable'--I guess I mean is it normal at that age?
DS is 8, and came to me today upset about another kid at school who pulled apart a bug in front of him. DS was very upset at this other kid hurting something innocent. I told him that I thought deliberately hurting the bug was a bad thing for the other kid to have done. Is bug killing an 'acceptable' phase to go through as a kid?
Yes but no locking-only bathroom and toilet doors have locks and the no locking is just a safety issue.
Don't make assumptions about teacher experience as at least one PP has. My children have been at public school for 3 and 5 years respectively and each of their teachers has had 20 years + experience in the classroom.
Honestly I believe your mom did the right thing. Rice milk - as you even state - has no nutitional value, so why feed it to a baby? Your mom was in a bad situation with not enough BM, and a terrible substitute - the rice milk. Kudos to her for thinking rationally enough to feed your hungry baby. There's no need for you to use formula if you BF but you need an acceptable substitute for other carers, and rice milk is not it.
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