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I know all the "smart" ways of losing weight it just sounded good to restrict myself for a week and lose 10+ pounds before seeing everyone at Christmas. Ah well.
Thank goodness he co-sleeps with my 4yo! LOL
Okay I figured that but I was holding on to a thread of hope....
I'm nursing a 7 month old and dh wants to do the cabbage soup diet for a week to jump start his weight loss. I'd love to join him as I haven't lost any of my baby weight but I'm not sure if I should with nursing.
Hey Mamas - do you use a nursing necklace? I never have but ds, even at 10weeks he claws at my neck and pulls at my neckline so I've been wondering about getting one. Any recommendations? What does babe like best? Obviously I would like a more mama inspired design but does baby like something like this better? http://www.mommynecklaces.com/ If so I could even use one like that at home and a nicer one when out. With the nicer one, should it have lots of beads that...
My 10 wk old does this as well and has for weeks. I find it goes "better" if I nurse when he is sleepy and/or get to him as SOON as he starts to show hunger cues. I'm hoping it's something he outgrows???
I think that I've been missing the early hunger cues - and babe is now 7 weeks old. With two older kids (ages 2 and 4 years) and the LO often in a sling I think I ignore the early cues...and will shush ds back to sleep or just wait until his asking is more difficult to ignore. I was just doing some reading on KellyMom and discovered this. Until now I would have said that nurse on demand and my intentions are good - I'm not trying to schedule or delay his feedings, I...
Personally, I'd trust what Newman says. If you don't feel comfortable going that high try a little less - maybe 120mg/day.
Hmm, switch nursing - I didn't think you were supposed to switch until the breast was "drained" and then just make sure to latch and nurse on each breast a few times. And, really, all the milk is there already? Because it seemed at the 3 week point that the milk wasn't there for a few days. Ds would nurse and fuss and grunt and cry like he wasn't getting enough/fast enough flow.
I don't know the limit - Dr. Newman recommends starting with 9 tablets a day, my Dr. won't prescribe more than 8/day. I would email Dr. Jack Newman - he'll get back to you really fast and he'll know for sure. His website is awesome too (Google it )
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