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Well, dh got his first tattoo tonight and I tried talking to the folks at the parlour but they really weren't very helpful (I was only able to talk to who I'm presuming to be the shop manager - not an artist) so I'm going to go back home sometime and go to a parlour there that I trust and see if I have better luck. Right now I'm feeling like I'll just go ahead with it and see what happens....
The studio we're going to comes highly recommended so I'm going to talk to dh's artist tonight
Okay, so it sounds like it's a bad idea, at least for right now. There is no way I can get time off work And if it's not going on my foot I'm not doing it until I have some time to think about other options. I'm not too worried about fading because I'd like it to just be black with a bit of grey.
Dh is going to get his first tattoo tomorrow and I was planning on calling in the morning to see if I can get an appt with him. He is getting a Greek word done on the back of his right calf off to the side. I wanted to get a Greek word with a cross at the end on the top of my foot just under my toes. Tonight I was doing some online reading and there are some mixed reviews about foot tattoos. So now I'm stuck because the placement of the tattoo on my foot is as...
I'm another one who just doesn't like my Lunapads. I don't find them leaking at the seams but they leak just straight through the middle. I have some of the minis, some maxis and some of the super long ones and it seems to me that the, er, liquid, just seeps straight through the middle. It's like I might as well only use minis and change very frequently because the pad being longer doesn't help as it's not spreading front to back.
My flow doesn't seem to be that heavy because it's never anywhere near full. I don't usually wear it the first day or even two because when I'm bloated, crampy and backachey I just don't feel like putting it in. I find folding it to get it in kind of tricky and just can't seem to pull it off when it's already inside.
Okay, I love my Diva, I really do, but I dread taking it out. When I put it in I kind of fold it in half and it goes in no problem but I can't get my fingers around it to fold it on the way out so I end up just pulling the sucker out and it hurts. Not the suction, I can get that broken, but just the girth of it. Geez, tmi, but I have to know....
A friend is using pf's and wool soakers to diaper her 5 month old and keeps having frequent blow outs from the legs of the diaper. I know that awhile back I saw a tutorial on how to roll the edges of the pf in to help with that - but now I can't find it without the search function : Does anyone have it saved or remember where it was? I think it was called the jelly roll fold. Thanks so much!
Thanks - it's www.tanglewoodeducation.com
Wow, Ambleside Online is a great resource!!!
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