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I'm at the beginning of our homeschooling journey...This year dd has been part time at a wonderful preschool right around the corner from our home but it is coming to an end in another week or so for the summer. I have Before Five in a Row on the way to me to give us something to do during the summer. I also looked at Little Hands to Heaven but BFIAR appealed to me a lot more because dh and I love literature and dd will sit and read and re-read books all day long. To be...
The perfection pants pattern from Wooly Wonder would work, I suppose. You plug in all your own measurements to make completely custom pants so you could just use your measurements
I'm glad that you found some you like - but don't be afraid of dpns!! If you really don't like them (I'm not a huge fan) you can magic loop small circumferences or use 2 circular needles together.
One idea I've heard for smaller scraps of yarn is to toss them outside for the birdies to use in their nests.
I just started using an olive oil bar soap and I love it.
I haven't yet found anything I really like using for laundry. For some reason just baking soda doesn't float my boat and neither does vinegar. I have been using a "better" laundry soap but it's running out and I don't want to buy it again. My fabric softener ran out about a month ago and I've just been using vinegar, which is okay, but I miss having really soft clothes and towels. My stain treater is gone as well and I bought an "old fashioned laundry" bar soap that's...
I added some bs to it tonight and like that better
Okay - I did it last night but I can't really say that it got my face clean. I made up a jar of 2 parts oat flour to 1 part salt and used that as described in the OP. However when I did my vinegar rinse I was still getting off traces of make up on my cotton ball. Then I got thinking that really oat flour and salt don't have any real "cleansing" properties - do they? Maybe if I add some bs? I did really like the jojoba oil as moisturizer.
Went out and bought the stuff I needed today! Looking forward to starting this.
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