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Okay, so where do shampoo bars fit in? Better than commercial shampoo, I'm assuming - but how/why? And how do they compare to bs/acv routine? I really want to drop commercial shampoo but I'm SCARED to go the bs/acv routine - simply because of the transitional period. I don't want to be trying all sorts of different ways of washing my hair with different combos of stuff and trying to figure out what works best for me. All the while suffering the...
Hey fellow Canadians, help a girl out. Where do you shop/what do you buy? We have one major HFS near us (Goodness Me, in Hamilton, ON) and I can't find a lot of the stuff mentioned here. One I'm thinking of right now is Dr. Bronner's, but I know there are lots of others as well. So, where do you shop for your natural home and body care products?
I've never seen that WHW pattern - thanks for the heads up.
Beautiful! Definitely update this with pictures of you wearing it!
That is SO funny!
The WW Wonderpants pattern has directions for both worsted and bulky. The soaker pattern can use any weight yarn because you determine your guage and figure out how many stitches to cast on, etc., based on the formula provided in the pattern. Is it Knit Picks Wool of the Andes? I think that's a light worsted, so you're likely going to use size 6 or 7 needles (4mm or 4.5mm). I have the Denise set and love it. It's true that it only goes down to size 5 but that just...
I definitely think it could work. I like the suggestion of picking a curriculum to share with ds's Dad. At that age I would think the consistency would be beneficial.
The LTK and Wooly Wonder patterns would both give you a needle size. Actually, on second thought, the LTK pattern would give you a needle size but with the WW pattern (for the soaker) you simply choose yarn and needles, knit a swatch, determine your guage and plug it into the formula. It's a very versatile pattern because it allows you to use whichever yarn/needles you have. If you told us what guage you are looking for and what yarn you are using, we could probably...
I'd suggest that with a soaker you really want to make sure you get an accurate stitches per inch guage. Being 1 or 2 stitches off every inch makes a BIG difference in the finished project.
Hmmm, tough question. If you think you're going to knit lots of soakers I'd buy - and I like Pam's Wooly Wonder pattern because you can use whatever yarn you want. If you want to go free I'd think the Fern and Faerie one might be easiest, although I'd suggest shortening the rise - Curly Purly has a nice freebie as well but it incorporates short rows, which can be a little tough to get the hang of.
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