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hey all! i haven't been on here in forever...can someone give me a summary?!? made the food for ada's b-day party today for sunday....i just hope she has fun. looking at all these hipster party blogs kind of turned this party into more "for me" than "for her." so we're just going to have to go with the flow and hopefully have fun. 
0-1 was much harder by far! 1-2 i was so worried about (i thought it would be like the 0-1 but multiplied by 2) but i seemed to get a "grace period" to grow into it when #2 was a newborn and either sleeping or in the sling. it'll get tougher i'm sure, as she gets bigger and has actual "needs" of her own but right now at 3 months she's still kind of just tagging along for the ride.
we did right away...about 6 months. beans we just gave straight as finger food, great for snacking and practicing her pincer grasp, i coated with olive oil or a vinagrette for flavor and to add fats. but we did a more BLW approach. if you are worried about chunks you could always do refried beans, they were/are a big hit too.  meat we did alot of ground beef stuff since it's really soft (meatballs, meatloaf, chili etc...). soup chicken is also really soft. and chopped...
sooooo many people have them that i'd for sure go for a used model. i got mine at a rummage for like $2 and my pal got hers from the garbage on the side of the road. i see them like that all the time. it's like they're everywhere and just need to get passed on to someone else's backyard.  but we love ours!
ugh....i feel like i'm messing her up for bad habits but i just stick the newborn in the swing while i deal with the toddler and then transfer her to the crib once i get a chance and she's good and asleep. otherwise i pop her i the sling and do the same thing. only at night if it's pretty late and she's good and tired and i have a chunk of time to dedicate to it can i nurse her side-lying and have her sleep.  i'm hoping things fall into a better routine as she gets...
i'm glad you did it! i went once with dd1 as a newborn and she also slept through the whole thing. by the time she was a crawling and loud baby i had regretted not going more often when she was tiny tiny.
ack!!!! that is us right now at 6 weeks....i just posted about it. our problem is that she wiggles and we tummy sleep so she's all over the place. i was looking for a cause but is everybody saying this is a newborn thing that they grow ut of???
flying with a small baby is the easiest way to travel with a kiddo! when i did it i brought the infant carseat (which we needed at destination anyway) and borrowed a snap and go stroller thing. you can gate check both for free so just use both right up to boarding. the baby also gets a free carry-on even without a ticket. since i was travelling with this stroller thing i brought as much carry-on as i wanted.   also, check-in at the ticket counter when you get there...
what is going on with my previously perfectly happy tummy sleeping 6 week-old?   she's been a great sleeper until a couple nights ago...which i attribute partially to having her sleep on her tummy. unlike dd1 who was swaddled until 9 months and waking every couple hours as an infant, i put her to sleep on her tummy on a whim and it "worked" great....she only wakes 2x at night (7ish to 7ish) and takes a huge 3 or 4 hour nap in the afternoon...if she wakes or partially...
i don't know about CIO at daycares. any daycare that lets a kid cry without being attended to is in violation of licensing (at least in the state that i worked in and i imagine that would be across the board) and i think most quality providers would know that.  is a teacher WITH her while she is crying etc....?
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