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My sister-in-law had the same surgery and she has given birth vaginally two times. I think doctors speak from a position of ignorance & fear rather than true knowledge a lot of the time. Doctors nowadays don't routinely encourage VBAC and they'll give you any reason they can come up with to convince you to agree to go under the knife again. If I were you, I'd research the recommendations, not ask your OB. But vaginal birth was totally safe for my SIL. Also, she...
I know zilch about the FMLA, but I was curious about why Gabrielle is going into the hospital. What surgery is she having (I have a kiddo with LMC-TCS, too)?
I hate high-pitched shrieking/squealing. It literally hurts my ears. So nope, you're not a freak (or if you are, I am, too). I hate LOUD, too, and I have several ASD kids who have no voice modulation skills whatsoever, so my skin crawls on a regular basis. We're constantly working on "inside voices" around here. I've considered doing listening therapy to try and desensitize my ears, actually... if it would help, it would be worth the $$$.
He's a beautiful boy, Finch. Happy Birthday, little guy!!!
We use Coloplast SpeediCaths. They're already lubed & are disposable, so you don't have to re-use/disinfect them after each use. The LoFric system is self-contained, yes, and would definitely be easy when traveling ~ I've seen it used by another SB kiddo ~ but they're spendy. I cath Joshua directly into his diaper before I change him, so I don't have to worry about what to do with the urine. It also eliminates the need for a container to cath into ~ 1 less thing to...
I know you from the LMC-TCS yahoo group, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by OMama I figured out NT a while ago, but what is is IRL? Or is it IR? I know it is a reference to those kids (or people) who don't have SN. IRL = In Real Life, referencing people you see/talk to offline. A few more: SB = Spina Bifida LMC-TCS = Lipomyelomeningocele with Tethered Cord Syndrome (which is a form of SB) UCB = University of...
Son (6 years) has learned to put his socks on all by himself. Now we're going to tackle the shoes! Son (21 months) can sign "more" appropriately and he hasn't thrown up any of his tube feeds for the past 4 days. A new record for him!
I realized I haven't updated since June, 2004, and so much has changed since then. Megan (16) has Tourette's. Adam (15) has Tourette's, Asperger's, Marfan's, auditory processing disorder, anxiety disorder, learning difficulties. Emily (8) has Asperger's, Chiari I, tethered cord. David (6) has Autism, Chiari I (decompressed 2/05), tethered cord (released 8/05). Sarah (6) has Chiari I (decompressed 7/04 & 2/05), tethered cord (released 2/05). Isaac (4)...
Payless Shoes are cheap and often wide enough to accommodate AFO's. It's where I got my son's shoes. We also got a pair of shoes through the orthotist and yes, insurance paid for them, but they're way too big still, so my son isn't wearing them yet. Vans work well, as do Stride Rites, but those aren't cheap. Try Payless Shoes.
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