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My DD is going to be five and going to kindergarten in 2 weeks. And she's still having accidents. Poopy ones. *sigh* I'm so sad for her.
Quote: Originally Posted by nonconformnmom I enjoy debates. I often find myself sticking up for the underdog POV much of the time, sometimes even if I don't personally agree with it myself but I can understand it even if I don't agree, KWIM? Maybe because I was somewhat picked on at school as a kid, I tend to seek out unpopular sides on things and try to understand them or at least empathize. Holy buckets, I agree with NCM about something. ...
Best. CPS. Story. On. MDC. Ever.
I didn't get the "he's getting hit on" vibe from your story, either. In fact, if I met a guy that I thought was cool and wanted to get to know better, just as a person, I would invite him and his s/o in exactly the same way that your husband was invited. I always thought that was the only way to make it perfectly clear to the s/o that my intentions were innocent. What else could she do? Is she just not supposed to try and make friends?
My almost 5yo DD does this, but I don't think that she's "afraid" to tell me. It's just a game for her. She just recently "got" how to play charades, and we've been talking about doing sign with newborn DS when he gets a little older, so I think she's just experimenting with those ideas. I do agree about the annoying factor. More than once I've heard myself say, "OKAY, Aria!! Just tell me what you want, please!!"
Quote: Originally Posted by rajahkat I always get a really strong desire to go back to work when babe is about 6months old. I HAVE to have time to myself or I get nasty. Right now, that means sneaking off in the morning to the coffee shop so I can sit and stare at people for an hour. I do this. Or want to, anyway.
::: Dar Williams is coming to MY TOWN (ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod) in September!! see here for more dates! I really want to hit the Madison Roots Fest coming up, but I work weekends. *sigh*
I haven't gotten very far in this, but find it fascinating, and now feel compelled to go google it.
Quote: Originally Posted by frog I smoke and I do this, but I hold it butt end out, with the lit end cupped in my palm for exactly the reason you mention--if some random kid walks into me, I'd rather drop my smoke than burn a child. I did that, too. And in really crowded places, I always walked with my hand at my shoulder level.
It WILL get better!! We promise. Hang in there.
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