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Quote: Originally Posted by pixiepunk have you tried twisting the straps? bring them over baby's legs, but up high around the middle of baby's back. then twist the straps a few times before bringing the straps under the legs again to tie behind you. not only will that keep the straps off baby's legs, it will also add additional support for heavier baby, keeping baby from sagging in the carrier and pulling on the shoulder straps. you can do this in a...
Anyone know how this mama is doing?? Love and light in her direction........
*never stop trying to better yourself *live mindfully *give your loved ones the benefit of the doubt
swaddle swaddle swaddle!! and pinch your aerola. that's all I've got. congrats on your babe, mama!!
Quote: Originally Posted by onlyzombiecat The reason I stopped being so involved in the bedtime routine is because dd would drag it out and I would get angry/frustrated because I was tired. She seems to settle down faster if I am not involved. I think it depends on your child rather than age. This is us. I'm glad I'm not the only one.
aw...my gma passed away after many years with alzheimer's, and our family stayed with her 24/7 for the last six months or so. You totally made me miss her.
I quit on October 26, 3 days after I found out I was pregnant. My DS is almost 4 wks old now, and I want a cigarette every.single.day. Every time I go into a gas station, I have to stop myself from buying a pack. sigh.
My almost 4 wk old DS slept from 10 at night until 4am and then woke every hour after that for a quick nurse, until 7 or 8am, for the first couple of weeks. Now he goes to sleep earlier, but wakes up between 1 and 2am and doesn't really sleep again until 7 or 8 am - just nurses and fusses and pulls off and poops and spits up. Wheeeeeee, fun!!
I work 20 hrs/wk at a university hospital, and get full-time benefits. For my family of four, our HMO is.... $0. $1000 deductible, $10 copay. Really. I am so, so, so so lucky. We went for years with no insurance, I'm so happy to have this.
Quote: Originally Posted by LisainCalifornia And like you are trying too hard to be "ghetto". It is a term that makes me wonder what this world is coming to, and I don't mean that in flattering terms. This thread makes me really sad for our world, too, and not for the same reason. Using the term "baby mama" makes it seem like I'm trying too hard to be ghetto? And ghetto in quotations, nonetheless? How do you know that I'm not...
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