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I am so sad, I'm pretty sure we have thrush. I am NOT going to be good at getting rid of this, I'm simply not responsible enough!! How do you think I got Bodhi? I was "on" birth control pills. When I remembered them, that is. I started wondering about it a couple of days ago. At the time, I had no symptoms. But Bodhi had the white film on the inside of his mouth, had recently become uber-gassy and fussy, and was making this funny noise while sucking that I guess...
We do counting with almost-5yo DD. Sometimes we slip up and it gets used as more of a threat, with a punitive consequence, but rarely. I like to use it as a way to help DD focus, and so that she can prepare herself to move on to the next activity. I also use all different numbers, and things other than counting - Aria often says, "no, no, mommy, don't count, sing the ABC's!" Singing is a really helpful tool around here.
Quote: Originally Posted by mama41 People can really be very thoughtless. If my xh ever finds a gf again, I'll have a sit-down with her and allow her to detest me immediately by laying this out and explaining how it would be wise and self-preserving of her not to do this to my daughter, or to blame me if she takes it upon herself and then finds it's a lot more work, a lot less fun, and a lot more expensive than she'd figured. m41, The Crone....
DP calls me a tree-hugger, which I like. I use bohemian for myself, usually.
I laughed out loud for real when I read your post. Sorry for laughing at your pain. *snicker*
I'm watching this thread with interest. My 3wk old DS seems to have much, much worse gas than DD ever did.... and his stomach is really distended. I wonder if I should cut out dairy? Hmmm....
My 3wk old DS has been sleeping from 10 at night until 4:30 in the morning since his second night. Also from 9am until 11am, and from noon until 4:30pm, straight through. And a whole bunch of catnaps, which is all I was expecting. All my DD did was catnaps, she never slept for more than 45 minutes a stretch! I have no doubt that he'll start sleeping like crap sometime soon, just to not make it too easy for me. But I do admit to worrying that he's not eating enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by fourlittlebirds My son felt really bad that his "no" was not respected and that this person took advantage of his social rank to intimidate him into doing something he felt very averse to doing. Really? Your nine year old son told you that he felt that way? That's some pretty advanced self-awareness, abstract thinking, communication, and vocabulary for a nine year old. Are you sure you're not projecting a little...
Sorry I haven't checked in here! I just had a baby, so the past few months have been pretty all about my little domesticated het-lookin' nuclear family. I'll try to stop in more now.
not wanting your child to do something for a career is one thing, saying that you can "work with" any choice OTHER than stripping is quite another. Stripping doesn't automatically make you beyond help, which is what not being willing to "work with" it implies.
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