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not my sort of people.
Quote: Originally Posted by Barbamama The DH of a friend of mine describes his least-common-denominator parenting goal for his daughter as follows: "just keep her off the stripper pole --- anything else we can work with." Simplistic, but kinda on target, IMO, considering all that stripping represents, culturally and individually. Ouch. So, what, his daughter is beyond help if she ends up a stripper? Dang, my mom must REALLY have given up...
We're getting ants right inside our sliding glass door in our living room. We had a couple of plants there, and have since moved them outside. DD gets crumbs EVERYWHERE, and I HATE vacuuming. Sigh. Guess I better learn to like it. Sigh.
Mine did like yours. It came out while I was on the toilet, actually, but I was done pee'ing and I blew my nose. Gush. I continued leaking everytime I stood up from a sitting or lying position for the next day. The key to recognizing it, for me, was the absence of an urge to go.... but still "go"ing.
do it, do it!! and post pics.
that would be very annoying. damned do-gooders. I have no advice, except to second what the pp said.
wow, I just read the whole thread!! awesome stuff in here, ladies. Bodhi is two weeks old, and came at 37 weeks, and I didn't get any pp food made for the freezer!! In fact, we had purchased our little 5c ft upright just the night before he was born. Literally, the night before. We were going to go shopping today, but I've spent so much time on the computer looking for recipes and compiling a shopping list, it's going to be prime melt-down time for Aria by the...
Quote: Originally Posted by NonasMama Does anyone have any experience with the midwives who deliver at UIHC? If so, I would love any info/reviews. PM me if you wish. Thanks so much. I like Laura Dellos quite a bit, and Paula Eveleigh is fine, but Lynne Himmelreich I can't stand. I was pretty clear about preferring a natural birth at all of my appt's, and when I mentioned a potential yeast infection at an appt with Lynne, she responded, "Oh...
Quote: Originally Posted by midnightmommy Just tell me that she doesn't mean it. That she can't help it, and that it's ok that I'm a little upset that she didn't even acknowledge me. This. I'm sorry I don't have any advice, I'm nakking and newborn-brain-drained. But s.
You know, I was really worried about this. I thought DP would not do well. I shouldn't have underestimated him. He wasn't one of those oh-my-god-he-did-everything-right-i-couldn't-have-managed-without-him DPs, but he did pretty good. He took direction well, and he didn't piss me off. Except in early labor, when he was running to the kitchen every two seconds to stuff something into his mouth, he was so nervous. I finally yelled at my mom, "will you go get him a...
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