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37w4d. Not preggo anymore. See my thread!
Quote: Originally Posted by transformed I ama certainly feeling some pressure from my dh, and "society" that the kids "are old enough to help out." But I tend to let it go too. And for *me* its ok. Until I have to listen to dh "B" about how "our kids don't do crap." : yeah. me too. but even I get frustrated. Not so much by having to do it myself, but by DD's attitude about it. Even the small messes she's overwhelmed by. I am...
DP about vomits when he hears the word "discharge". Quote: Originally Posted by frontierpsych 'rural' Roooo-ruhl, RrRrRllll, Ruhral, wtf?! Along those lines, I can't say the word(s) "world" / "whirled", and they bother me too. Quote: Originally Posted by texaspeach I can't stand the way my dh says poor. as in "poor performance" apparently he says it the correct way, while I pronounce pour and poor the same...
Like a PP said, I don't miss it because I don't skip it. I've had a glass of red wine occassionally throughout my 2nd and 3rd tri, and taken sips up to a third or so of DP's drinks here and there.
Almost-5yo DD would be ecstatic. Great job.
My kid(s) belong to me fo sho. Whenever I hear DD throwing a fit from across the store, I think to myself, "yup, that's mine!"
mmmm, basil. I'd freeze it. Or you can send it to me, and I'll eat it all and get this baby-birthin' stuff going. Basil does that? really? Good to know.... good to know.
Don't you love it when you know a random solution to someone's random problem!! Thank you!
I'm actually a better parent in many ways than I thought I would be. I was never a kid-person, and surprise myself regularly with how natural it feels for me to interact with DD the way I do. In the interest of full disclosure, for those who know my history, I had a rough little while there where I was a much, much worse parent than I ever could have imagined I would be. Thank goddess those times are over, and I am back to being amazed at how awesome our family is.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustVanessa Hey all....its June, we should start an update thread. How y'all doing? I thought for sure yesterday was the day for no known reason but I woke up this morning still pregnant I am now going to ignore that feeling if it comes again. I am 38 weeks today. This was exactly me on Saturday, too. Then yesterday, fine. Imagine that. I nested like MAD yesterday though. Today I'm even more fine. Well, I...
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