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running out the door to take DD to preschool, so just read the OP... but me too. I'm stopping at the coffee shop before coming home, so I can get in my spending fix before reading all the wise replies and feeling even more guilty than usual.
So does anyone know if this is just an increased discharge, or if I'm leaking my plug little by little, or what? cuz it's certainly mucous-y. what does it mean when you start to goop? a softening cervix or something like that? oh, and tracy, I swear to god that yesterday I was 34 weeks. Now I'll be 37 wks in two days - it is FLYING by. Each day I bitch and complain and am SO done.... and then look around the house and realize that HOLY CRAPOLA I am not ready!! I...
I think this OP is hilarious. You have a fabulous dry wit. You should be a columnist.
I can't even complain about it to DP, he gets grossed out by any mention of female... you know.... stuff. He might vomit if I say the word "discharge".
We're using Jackson as a middle name. Also really like Grayson, but then I'd be copying another MDC mom's kiddo's full name.
yeah, it would depend on the kiddo's personality for the roadkill idea. I like it, though. I'd tomato stake 'im. Good luck.
pantiliners are your friend. Trust me. My actual panties, when the liners leak or I forget to put one in, get crusty and gross. Gross gross. Get you some pantiliners, stat.
It's been getting steadily worse since 34 weeks. I'll be 37 wks on Saturday. I was hoping for commiseration, not validation that I'm the only one with this problem!
If I wasn't preggo-dumb, I'd write a haiku or something. But seriously, it's out of control. Completely, utterly out. of. con. trol. I am going through pantiliners like you would not believe. I have to wipe four or five times after taking a pee. It is g-r-o-s-s.
I was "not welcome" at ex-DH's wedding when we had just started to date. He was best man. He took me anyway. Bride had over 100 people there to converse with. We didn't even talk... if she wasn't so busy cutting hateful eyes over at me, there would've been no reason for her to even know I was there. If you don't have a good time at your wedding, it's your fault, not your brother's date's fault.
New Posts  All Forums: