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: very cool tho!!
DD's class loves it when she brings in green grapes. They also like string cheese (although I never know what to provide for non-dairy kiddos). Oh!! And I can get a bag of dried papaya spears from our NF co-op for like $4.50. They're so heavy, iykwim, and sweet, that I just slice them lengthwise into small strips and have plenty for the 18 4yo's in DD's class.
DD was in the hospital for nearly a month after her birth (NICU-IICU-PICU, progressively due to lotso'twinbirths kicking her out to the next one, ). Once we got to the PICU, and I was allowed to pick her up and hold her and rock her and bath her and etc without a medical chaperone, I started putting her in my sling. Had to be very careful about jostling the wires and all, but at first it just made it nice to rock her (and fall asleep without first-time-momma-worrying...
I love reading. I love playing on the computer. I like onions. I am a tea drinker. I am pregnant. My sex drive is higher than my DP's. I am an only child. I hate my job. I love looking at the sunlight through trees.
I got it, and yes it is beautiful. Posted it on myspace, actually.
So I'm not Christian, nor submissive. I don't agree with a lot of this, and even what I don't disagree with tends to boggle my mind : That being said, this is one of the most eloquent, beautiful ideas I've recently heard. Standing as it is, it doesn't fit my life, but I can certainly see the beauty in the love and faith that it represents. Quote: Originally Posted by whimsy My husband is fit for leadership (in our family) because when we entered...
oh, a fwiw, I don't care for anime, either.
Oh I'm craving everything right now. For about 5 minutes. Today, I've eaten: curried pumpkin seeds life cereal couscous pudding (sugar & vanilla soymilk + last night's couscous, yum!!) a can of campbell's mexican style chicken tortilla soup blackberry yogurt rosemary & olive oil triscuits and I don't know what else. and wanted to puke in between stuffing my face the entire day. *sigh*
Quote: Originally Posted by jillkuster As far as the bumper sticker goes. That reminds me. Dh and I were in Burger King's drive through and there was a truck in front of us. Hanging off of his license plate (well the metal part of the truck underneath it) was a GIANT pair of rubber balls. You get it.... Like I have a big truck and I have big balls. GAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAG Made me want to go over and snip him myself. Hey, I've...
Ah, I'm over it already. I'm pregnant, I'm allowed to be a b*tch and overly sensitive one second and completely oblivious and overly generous the next. But I do like those links.... ty.
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