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My daughter has my last name while my son has my husband's last name. We both wanted our last names to continue on.
We found that Goodmama one size fitteds and covers were the trick. He would wet through the RARs every night. He hasn't been wet through since.
Stopped in to my favorite ARC today. Timbuktu small messenger bag - $1.50 Brand New Ralph Lauren Sweater - $6.00 Brand new sleep sack $3.00 Cashmere scarf $2.00
I would absolutely use some kind of restraint, like this: http://kidsflysafe.com/. We still rear face in a convertible seat for our four year old. The risk of air travel without restraint is more than we care to take.
Ohh! I will have to check out the Littleton location. My fave so far is Alameda and Hooker.
I love ARC!!! Which is your favorite one?
I should also add we had to transfer my first child ten hours after birth and went to Denver Health. Extremely impressed!
From what I heard from my midwife, Denver Health is the best birth friendly hospital. A lot of home birth midwives use it as their transfer hospital. I've also heard you can birth in their tubs.
Does anyone know of a midwife near Rapid City besides Jeanne? A friend is due in Feb. and really would like a home birth. She previously birthed with Jeanne, but Jeanne is now only doing births at the center.
I am in Colorado. My midwife was already in their system from previous births that we covered, I don't know if that helped. I am waiting for the final submitted to my insurance, so hopefully they don't change their mind. If they do, I'll appeal as the company I work for is self insured and would save a lot by covering the home birth.
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