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I've done what your MIL did with all my kids. All 3 have had a really strong suck need. What they really wanted was an empty breast, but I have a huge supply. So they try to nurse and get really mad. So we had to "teach" them to take a soother. We did it between 4 and 6 weeks, and then the babies have been able to just take it.
Quote: Originally Posted by NicaG I really take issue with this. My dh works in a very specialized profession, and the jobs are concentrated in certain parts of the country. He works with a recruiter and tells the recruiter to tell him immediately if jobs open up in the midwest....in eight years, 1 opening (which dh applied for and did not get). Dh literally cannot support our family in either town where we grew up. We don't have the option of living...
I try to reason with kids that age. It's quite quickly apparent whether or not that's working. If it's not working, then I give her space. But I'm still there if/when she decides she wants me. I think that it's pretty pointless to try and try and try to reason with a little kid. It's like there's a point where if they loose it, they just have to get it out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bellabaz Haha, we are on a visiting strike. My family all lives around the same area (Philly and NJ), all within an 1 hour of each other (my one sister is moving now to the other side of the state though). For three years we lived in Northern NY, a good 8 hours drive, more often 10 with bad weather and stopping. With the exception of my father and his gf (who I am not really fond of and so visits are not great for me) NO ONE...
Quote: Originally Posted by just_lily Aside from the money issue, both of my parents live in apartments without a lot of space, so taking a toddler there for several days sounds like an unusual form of torture to me. Just so you know, many families live in small apartments and their toddlers do just fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by aprons_and_acorns I don't think a little boy can stop peeing and then walk to a toilet and finish peeing. I think once the stream has started there's no turning back. LOL However if DS did that I wouldn't make a big deal of it but I would show him the toilet for next time. To the OP, sorry your relatives were not more understanding. I didn't say that the boy could have stopped. But I think that taking him...
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Boudicca~ Can I ask what the proper reaction would be? The kid is 3, has just finished up potty learning. It happens. Maybe he was just feeling too shy to ask? Toddlers do weird things sometimes. And the OP didn't clarify about whether or not she used it as a teaching moment, so you can't make the assumption that she didn't. She simply said that a big deal wasn't made out of it. Should a big deal been made out of...
In my family, the people who did the moving do most of the traveling. When my brother and his family moved away, they factored the cost of visits into deciding if it was worth it.
I'm going to try again. I don't think it's OK for anyone to pee in a backyard. I see where your DH's family is coming from. They probably don't have a problem with your son but rather with what he did and your reaction to it. Maybe it's something to think about and use as a teaching moment. You could tell him that while you don't have a problem with what he did, some people do and so he should ask where the toilet is the next time you're at someone else's house.
Quote: Originally Posted by heavensearth Id like to know too.. Because it's not the kid's birthday. If you want to have a party in the summer, have a party. But calling it a "half birthday" doesn't really work. I have kids with birthdays around Christmas too. We move them by a week (in either direction) and people who can come do, and those who can't don't. It's really not a big deal.
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