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From my own experience, most kids need a mix of phonics and sight words. I don't believe that either approach on it's own works. Maybe your daughter needs some simpler books that she can just "learn". Do you think that if she had a few books that she could read via sight words along - that might raise her confidence level and spark her interest in learning more techniques (phonics) to read harder books?
I think that TV can be a good and useful parenting tool when used responsibly. There's a huge difference between having the TV on all day and having clear defined times when it's OK. Personally, we use the TV to help DD eat breakfast in the mornings before daycare. We have a limited amount of time and she's NOT a morning person. Without the TV she will just sit there and stare into space. Somehow the TV helps her focus and she'll eat something (critical to her...
It sounds like your kids have alot of energy. Is it realistic for them to spend most of the day outside?
My 2.5yo used to do this. DH and I ended up deciding on what our own personal boundaries were, how we planned to get there, and most importantly what we were willing to do. For us, we have very little resolve for crying at any time much less the middle of the night. So, we weren't willing to stick things out. But that didn't mean we could introduce ideas to DD every night and wait for them to percolate through her head and sink in. We're OK with her coming to us in...
Around here matching/looking nice is a bigger deal than the brands kids wear. Can you get the older one 1 new outfit? So she has something new to start school with. That seems to be the day *all* the kids wear new clothes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dar Hmmm. I was going to say older two in one room, younger two in one room, but that wasn't an option... but then you get a playroom, and no one is lonely. I'd do that for the next couple years. The years you'll have before the older two need to not share with the opposite gender will be invaluable years to have a playroom.
We go to those kinds of places alot. Most of the time it works out. If there's a kid there who seems to be hitting/pushing/biting, then I shadow my daughter. Especially when she gets close to the more aggressive kids, I make sure that I am close enough to intercept any violence towards her. So far that seems to be working. But, it does mean that I have to get off my ass and parent rather than relaxing on the sidelines. So we only go to play places if I'm in the...
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