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Thank God.  A forum where I can whine and not feel ungrateful.  I'm 45, this is a totally unexpected, wonderful, nay miraculous blessing in our lives, but gosh, I'm tired all the time.  Gosh I wish the federal gov't offered maternity leave, even a month!  Gosh I wonder where the energy to do all the new mama stuff will come from.  Again, guilty here (not to mention silly) for even mentioning it because I have zero pain, zero trouble sleeping and zero food issues...
I'm hoping to take 8 weeks.  That's how long I had with my son, and it worked well then.  I don't expect much more than half of that time to be paid time, though.  After my leave runs out (I have about 3 weeks banked now, and will use a bunch for doctor visits between now and then) I have to rely on "donations" from altruistic colleagues.  Who are, needless to say, in short supply.   I feel somewhat more confident about our ability to handle cloth diapering now that...
Thanks, but we have to start from scratch - DS is now almost six and we had JUST given away all of the g-covers when we found out about this one!  :)  I'm really in the very first stages of looking into this - surfing around to look more.  Also, our water temperature is set pretty low - what is the minimum temperature you need to effectively wash diapers?
Also, I am considering cloth diapering but hesitating.  We did gdiapers with my son but are now on a septic system and wouldn't be able to flush the inserts.  I haven't really researched costs but what is really making me wonder is whether I could manage to wash every other day.  I commute an hour and a half one way to work, and by the time I get home it's time to hurry up and get dinner and then I'm completely pooped.  Most nights, even before the pregnancy, I'm in bed...
Anyone else totally unmotivated at work?  There are a few projects I'm still kind of engaged in, but mostly I daydream about my (nonexistent) maternity leave.    Also, although I've gained less weight overall with this pregnancy than with my son, I feel like a frigate, and commuting is really tiring me out. 
Hi everyone!  This is Baby#2 for me, due April 6, a girl.  I'm just 30 weeks now, but already feeling weary.  Rejoined the Mothering forums so that I don't constantly whine to DH and friends... :)  Oh, and BTW, I'll be 46 by the time she arrives.  So far a normal pregnancy - just squeaked by the 28 week gestational diabetes test!  Yay for me!   Lisa
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