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Two different dentists have told me I have a high risk of this. Both have told me to floss. After the first I stopped flossing after 2ish months. I'm flossing again now, but I was just curious what this "disease" is. My teeth feel great now. I have no pain, no issues, and how could I be close to having some disease in my gums when they look and feel so healthy?
Neptunemama is totally right -- genetics has a huge role, and most likely any of the juice boxes you might have given your daughter wouldn't have changed this outcome. This too shall pass... Those grown-up front teeth come in pretty fast. Diane
I have taken a few courses in Scientology and I'm feeling more and more optimistic and empowered as I go along. I took a Communication course where I improved my communication abilities and a course called Personal Efficiency and also a course where I learned to use the dictionary really well and now I look a LOT of words up in the dictionary. This helps me feel so much better because hearing some words over and over in conversations or in the news and not actually...
I've been looking/waiting for a Chicken Pox party, and none have come along... How can I get my kids immune before they're adults???? Diane Quote: Originally Posted by paquerette Meh. If anything, they're putting my children at risk. It's hard enough to find chicken pox these days, let alone measles and mumps and rubella.
I'll say one thing...if they have to use fear to get me to do anything, you can bet I'll never do it.[/QUOTE] Very good point.
Quote: Originally Posted by rredhead As for the info being no one's business - I'm proud that we don't vaccinate. I want to engage people in debate. Sadly, no one else wants that. They all freak out, or mumble something about how they had all their shots, blah blah blah. If you're really looking to stop someone and make them think, I'd try this: You're not supposed to give a baby solid foods until 6 months. At that point, you're supposed to only try...
How well do you think the child should know someone for whom a funeral is for? In my case, it's my sister, but they've only met her briefly 3 times, were not close at all, and we will have to go in debt to pay for the plane fare for our whole family. I'm concerned that they think they'll lose me since she's my sister...... and so close to my age.
I thought it worth re-quoting this comment again: "The reason I was suggesting to observe was more than just observing the OP's child. Observe EVERYTHING -- other children, the teacher, the routine, the responses to undesirable behavior. I observed a lot -- could definitely tell the teacher's favorites, understood that the teacher didn't provide a lot of explanation when children did something wrong (behavior or academically,) learned that my child was NEVER going to...
Does anyone have a dream job that they'd like to describe here and inspire the rest of us? I love being a mother to my 1- and 3-year-olds, but I need an intriguing distraction for just 10-15 hours a week. It would be great to earn some money of course, but we don't need a lot of extra money, so my main objective is to have something I enjoy. I have been an Herbalife Distributor, but the whole selling thing gets old after awhile. People finally buy after much...
Hi all, I'm looking for a group to chat about the ordeals and joys of raising two kids (mine are 1 and 3) , is this the right place? or is this for moms who have twins, quadruples, etc.? Thanks, Diane dianespersonal@comcast.net
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