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In all honesty, you shouldn't put too much thought into this. Maybe keep a spare razor in the bathroom and let her know it's there if she wants it, and make sure she knows how to use it safely. Things like waxing and Nair are too tricky for a young girl, IMO. No need to talk about drastic measures like electrolysis unless she develops an amount of hair that makes her uncomfortable.
I just feel the need to say that often, parenting issues look VERY very different when you are pre-kids, or only have young children. My views on childcare and being a SAHM are much, much different now that I have children who are out of the baby/toddler/preschool age.    I expect this is true for many parents.
I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I know how hard it is to try and make decisions for your kid- always weighing the pros and the cons of the natural route vs. pharms. I do want to encourage your to try the Prilosec- it is a totally different class than the Zantac, and untreated reflux can have life long consequences (like increasing the risk of esophageal cancer), not to mention the immediate pain it causes.   I hope I am not being to forward. I have always...
I know nobody cares about my AV, but I love it because it is a picture of one of my surrotwins when he was just a bundle of cells- every time I look at it I am just amazed!
FIBJ, I am curious about this because you posted on another thread that you slept in a recliner, not a bed. How do you do that safely and comfortably with a toddler?!?!  That sounds really difficult, and I am sorry that you are in that situation.     
Oh darn. I meant to post that anonymously. Oh well, honestly I am not at all ashamed to be a FIN, and I am so very grateful and humbled by the kindness of the women on this board.  Our family has been through hell and back, and I had all but forgotten that people really are good at heart.   I can't wait for next year when I plan on paying it forward.
We are FIN #xx (deleted because I forgot to post anonymously!). To whoever sent us the tagalong bike- OMG. My daughter is over the moon. She is just THRILLED to be able to bike with the rest of the family again. This bike is perfect for her because she can participate as much as she wants and rest as much as she needs. It is great!!!  Today we received a package with some great presents for my son- I hope you do not mind but I am going to give them to my son for his...
No, you are misunderstanding.This does not mean there is a problem with vaccines. This is why you wait until at least 2 months to start vaccinating for the most part. And what is wrong with the common good?!  Don't we all belong to part of a community?        That's mean. Sorry, it is. I feel that ALL children are my responsibility, and I feel I have an inherent responsibility to all members of my community. I really don't think my kids are any better or more special than...
This is one of the most bizarre threads I have read in a long time! OP, I certainly do not mean to make light of your fears/anxieties. I had a really hard time separating from my first, too. But unless your baby has shown you that she really does not like parties, then there is no reason at all- none, zero- for your dh not to take her. It would never have occurred to me to tell my dh not to bring our baby to a party.   holothuroidea, it is offensive and weird to say...
Thanks BaileyB! I think it is pretty cool too. As far as the DNA thing, i would rather the gvt experiment on my kid's DNA than risk he or she suffering the life long cognitive disabilities that come with something like untreated PKU. JMO.
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