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Please indulge me. My daughter has a genetic disorder that predisposes her to cancer (about 30-40% of kids with her disorder get cancer, usually leukemia or lymphoma). Well, her last CBC was only about a month ago and it was normal, For almost two months now she has been running hot (around 99-100 degrees tympanic, up from her normal of 97-98) and complaining of a belly ache off and on. For the past week her teachers and I have been noticing that she is more tired than...
????? Dude, you really have some interesting posts.
It was definitely the overmoderation that drove me away at first. I felt unwelcome. Plus once my kids got a little older I stopped drinking quite so much of the MDC kool-aid, so to speak  I still think MDC has a great SN board and I post there occassionally. But since I am no longer nursing or cloth diapering, most of MDC is no longer relevant to me. I get my juicy gossip fix at another site!   If MDC hadn't started with the crazy moderation crap, I am sure I would...
I am planning on doing this for my daughter when she gets a gtube! I think it is such a great idea if you can make it work. Jen (OP), thanks for the explanation! I am very nosy about other people's SN kids! 
Right on tropicana! 
I completely agree! I am 100% in favor of intermittent monitoring, and I DO think monitoring in pregnancy is also important. But CEFM for low risk women is a load of crap.  
Another Jen here! Life with a SN kid can be hard, to say the least.  I totally hear what you are saying about not quite fitting in. Having a kid with special needs really makes you rethink your life philosophy, and IMO it gives you a better sense of what is really important. I was totally saturated in the woo before I found out about dd's diagnosis (ataxia telangiectasia), and I like to think that I have a better balance now. I have incredible respect for western...
This. Things like cord prolapse can be deadly if they are not swiftly treated.  For my second birth, I only listened when I went into labor andwhen my water broke. Then when I had some bleeding near the end I listened very frequently until she was born.  My point being, it is perfectly reasonable to limit how much you listen, but it is my personal opinion that listening to heart tones can give you a lot of very important information, and is not something I would want to...
Wow, that sounds awful. I am so sorry you had such a terrible experience. :(    I just want you to know, for future reference- you do NOT need your OBs permission to go to the ED. If you are ever in this type of situation again, go to the ED and they WILL see you. They will find out if something is wrong, and treat you accordingly.
Emmeline, I got your PM. My computer HATES mdc, and for some reason will not let me reply to you. I just wanted to say thank you! The links seem very helpful.
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