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Yes, his psych thinks he might have ADHD. I need to find a dev ped to explore other issues too. I am so overwhelmed. We got a notice from our condo management that we are going to be kicked out if we can't get his tantrums under control. He is screaming, yelling, banging & slamming doors etc. We are doing our best, and we implemented a rigid schedule that seems to be helping somewhat. But this morning, for example, I thought we were doing great until he decided he didn't...
Any parents with kids who suffer from ODD or related disorders? I'm losing it over here. 
Can you get an Rx for EMLA cream?? My dd gets a lot of IVs and the "magic cream" has made a huge difference. I think a lot of it is psychological- it gives them a way to be in control and proactive about their treatment. 
You definitely do not need to worry about getting your child tested for any diseases. Even if the doc did have hep B and HIV, those are not generally transmitted by saliva so the chances of transmission are astronomically low, even if he had an open sore in his mouth (gross, sorry!). And really, his sexuality is completely irrelevent.    The practices you describe do seem a little unprofessional, though.    I didn't know that about the alcohol swabs! I know they...
Okay. I think that is way over the top. I fly frequently and while I think the TSA is eyeroll-worthy, I think the experiences my kids get from our travels far outweigh the theoretical risks of the pornoscanners or the possibility that they will be patted down. Of course I could choose to drive for all my trips, but that is just not realistic. I have no desire to spend 24 hours cooped up in the car with 2 kids.   But we can agree to disagree! 
Wow, okay. I agree that TSA is ridiculous, over the top, and completely ineffective. But... at what age will you let your kids fly, if nothing changes with TSA??
It means they are by default the poster child! Don't get me wrong; I love seeing her picture, but I'd much rather see her smiling face on a brochure for something a little less horrible. I hate A-T. I HATE IT. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT.    Anyway, she's cute and I am proud of her cuteness, so here she is (sorry, i know it is humongous):
I know others have already responded, but I was pretty shocked at this response! Dr. Sears did what any ethical HCP would do- how in the world would it be responsible for him to give a medical recommendation based upon a post by the patient's sister?!?!
OMG, hippotherapy is amazing. We cannot afford it ATM but we hope to add it back in next year. Honestly, dd's enjoyment is the biggest benefit to us. It does help with her core strength and proprioception too.
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