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My dd is eligible for Make a Wish, and my ARNP suggested we use it soon while dd is still doing so well. However, I always thought we would wait until she was a little older, so that she would she would remember it clearly (she is only 5 now), and so that she could really decide what she wanted to do based upon her interests.   The problem with waiting is that is we run the risk of NOT being able to use Make a Wish at all, or having dd be too ill to enjoy it. DD has...
Me too. I very rarely hear anything about vaccines or VPD in the news, unless it is "new" outbreak like H1N1. I always watch out for health related news in general, and I hear tons of stuff about cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc. 
What an amazing story! And of course this is not a replacement for the vaccine- does anyone really think that?? 
 The Board That Shall Not Be Named!  uh oh    
Woohoo!!! How are you and baby doing? Hopefully you are both healthy and happy!
  No, not at all. She shared her story because YOUR story struck a chord with her. She was not trying to one-up you or rain on your parade. Her experience of her birth in no way diminishes yours. 
    I'll tell ya, I'd go through the whole c/s thing again just to get that beautiful IV hydromorphone!         Congratulations on your birth, TNMommyBFB!
Yes, it is worrisome. It is not necessarily indicative of a problem, but it could mean that baby is malpositioned, the cord is too short, or that there is true CPD.  If the baby is malpositioned, he or she could very possibly wiggle into a better position. However, if I was in this situation, I would want a MW to come and listen to baby though a few contractions to see what the HR is doing.  If my water was broken and I was full term, research shows that it is...
Babies do not always show obvious signs of distress.  I am not anti-UC by any means, but when labor/birth falls outside normal limits, it is a good idea to get things checked out by a MW or OB. 
I hope you already had your baby! If not, do you have a midwife you can call? She could check on you and the baby and give you some tips... otherwise maybe you need to go to the hospital. Even if baby's heartbeat seems fine and you don't have a temp, it is hard to get a good sense of how the baby is doing unless you are well trained in monitoring and interpreting fetal heart rate patterns. Good luck! 
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