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 My dd (ataxia telangiectasia) is almost 5 and participates in normal sports programs. I think young kids with disabilities fit in perfectly well in preschool sports, since the emphasis is on fun and teamwork as opposed to competitiveness. In a year or two I will probably have to re-evaluate, but as of now dd does GREAT in "mainstream" sports/activities and we have never had a problem with her being welcomed, accepted and accommodated.         
My ds is 7 and very similar to your dd. AFAIK he does not have SPD. I feel like nobody understands- people assume if we just parented differently, we wouldn't have these problems. My ds also becomes more aggressive if we try to distract him or make a game out of the situation. It sucks big time. When he is in normal mode, he has no problem picking up his messes or picking through his spaghetti sauce to remove unwanted chunks. When he is out of sorts, there is no reasoning...
Just wanted to say- I LOVE the name caraway. My daughter has a similar name ;)
Honestly- you need to really think about why you are so uncomfortable that you can't bring yourself to feed your NEPHEW a bottle.  This is how he is fed, period. I am a huge breastfeeding advocate- I breastfed both my kids until they were 3. I just gave birth to twins as a surrogate- and their parents are feeding them formula. That is their choice and I am happy to see the babies being held and cuddled and loved while they are being fed.    What about when your...
I thought conduct disorder was typically not a diagnosis given to a young child? My understanding is that ODD can lead to CD if not treated.   Anyway, the screen is definitely a trigger for ds. We have completely cut out tv and video games for long stretches and it definitely helps. We had another complete meltdown tonight, and I haven't the slightest idea what triggered it.      
My daughter's NP printed the form out for us. We filled it out and faxed it over. It took a couple weeks, but they sent a pass in the mail.  She is almost 5 and having a disabled pass has been a great help!  She has ataxia telangiectasia and it was no problem at all to qualify.
Sorry to bump an old thread, but I am just coming to terms with the fact that my 7yo ds most likely has a behavioral disorder. My googlepsych degree makes me think it is ODD.  I could have written your OP verbatim, Karen.  He has had behavior problems his whole life (mainly out of control tantrums), but it would come and go, so by the time we decided we needed to seek intervention, his behavior would stabilize and we would think he had grown out of it.  I think he might...
My kids drink 98% water, but my 7yo also likes herbal teas and sparkling water, with lemon or a shot of juice.  He also likes coffee, which I make for him using my spent coffee grounds so he doesn't get too much caffeine (gross!!! but he likes it). 
Their names are WIlliam (Liam) and Michael. Ever since my son was born, I knew I would love to be a surrogate someday. I LOVE being pregnant and am fascinated by everything about reproduction and birth. Once my life settled down a little and my kids were bigger, I decided I was finally in a place where I could pursue it and see if it was really something I wanted to do. I met the family after I decided to go ahead with surrogacy. This was in May of 2009. It took us until...
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