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I did! They were born around 1 am on 4/21.  I would have posted sooner but for some reason my laptop does not like the MDC format- it never lets me post replies.   I don't have my story typed up yet, but I wanted to share the photos my sister took- they pretty much sum up the whole experience! I went to the hospital to be admitted for long term monitoring due to possible pre eclampsia. To my surprise, I was 5 cm dilated when I got there! I guess the "braxton hicks" I had...
:( It looks like I have developed hypertension over the past few days. My baseline was around 110/70 and I am consistently at 140/90ish, although it gets down to 120/80 if I lay down for a long time. NO protein in my urine, and my labs are mostly normal except for hyperuricemia, which by itself does not necessarily indicate a problem. Also baby B seems to be almost exactly the same weight as he was a month ago, although that could just be due to u/s error. THIS...
Absolutely common, but possibly worth follow up just to be safe. This happened to me with my son- we had a good month with no change in FH. SO I had a growth scan, a few NSTs, and an uneventful homebirth.   I have to say- it sounds like the real issue is you aren't comfortable with your midwife!
I am only 34 weeks, so hopefully I won't go first. . . but I am SO SO ready!
Well, that's a pretty dumb reason considering that there is NO better place for a freshly born baby than on their mom's bare chest.    
I would not be okay with a midwife who didn't have a partner or assistant who came to births with her. I would be fine with a solo midwife, but she absolutely needs to have an experienced assistant. I agree, it is not fair -or safe- to expect a doula to cover that role.
AHHHH. I am 33.2 weeks pregnant, and I am DONE!!!!  I don't know how I am going to get through the next month. 
I am not currently practicing (I am back in school for my CNM)- BUT if I was..... I would automatically risk out mo/mo twins. Even with an uneventful pregnancy, there is a high risk of emergent complications in labor- cord entaglement could cause death very quickly and could happen at any stage in labor. I would not automatically risk out twins in unusual presentations. As it stands right now, I would not attend a woman who was B/V because I do not have enough experience...
Woohoo! I am 33 weeks and I can't wait until 37....I went into labor at 39 & 38 weeks with my other pregnancies so I am kinda hoping I will be on the early side this time too.   Good luck!
I agree- the B/V twins could go either way. It would depend on the exact circumstances- how close to the hospital, mom's previous birthing experiences, the midwife's experience, etc etc. It sounds like the midwife you are working with has a lot of experience with twins, so who knows. However, the mo/mo twins are extremely, extraordinarily high risk. If she is lucky enough to make it to term, the twins are still at a high risk for life threatening complications during...
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