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http://www.borstvoeding.com/voedseli...uidelines.html eta its not working right now. . ???? but i know its the right link
if it is bv, a 1:10 dilution of hydrogen peroxide douche works really well ime.
i would talk to your mw first-- she might be able to treat you.
we had leftover ww penne mixed with leftover bean stew. i was skeptical but it was yummy! we also had baked brussel sprouts.
my almost 3 yo plugs in the christmas lights. i think teaching a kid how to use an electrical socket correctly makes him/her less likely to get hurt in the long run. of course we supervise him.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vellorian Blunt: "Well, kids, I'm knocked up again..." Out of the blue: "Wow, that was a great shopping trip! Oh, darn! We forgot to get newborn diapers..." Left field: "Put your books away and wash up for dinner. I don't have the energy to pick up after you since I'm 3 months pregnant."
i dont vaccinate (but might in the future), and i never post here, but i love to read and here differing opinions and new info
canned punjabi chhole (jyoti brand) with brown rice or quinoa, and a side of toasted ezekial bread quinoa salad (tomatoes, onions, cukes, fresh parsley, grated raw garlic, lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper. sometimes cumin seed "spicey sandwich"- ezekial tortillas with vegenaise mixed with chili garlic sauce, and topped with sauteed onions, sliced tomatoes, and greens. also sauteed mushrooms and cream cheese if we have it. this is addictive. ww/sweet potato...
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