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I was just reading this article and they estimated that the average Farmville player spends $20 / month to play. I find this hard to believe because everyone I know that plays doesn't pay anything. How many FB apps to you have that you use on a regular basis? Do you pay to use them, and if yes, how much do you pay on a monthly basis?
Linkie to an old thread with killer vegan choc cake recipes http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=609299
Quote: Originally Posted by karma_momma Hello everyone. I have been a lurker on and off of this board. I finally taking the plunge and hitting subscribe Welcome! Nice to have you here!
Quote: Originally Posted by Maiasaura Oh yeah--Sun's Up Cobbler: http://www.wicca.com/celtic/akasha/lithatnrecip.htm Sounds great! I'm sure you could use fresh peaches instead, maybe cool them a little first so they are softer? Going to give it a shot. Hugs to you unschoolinmom, just getting through some real tough times myself (on-going actually but I see the light) so I feel your pain. Will be thinking of you and hope you make it back...
Wouldn't even think twice about it honestly.
Late to this thread, I was going to go against the grain and tell you to write and send the letter... I did several months ago and me and my mother haven't spoken yet but it was, and still is, a huge weight off my shoulders. Glad to read the update and see that things are improving for you!
Hey all! Haven't been here much but hoping to change that Maiasaura your Solstice menu sounds great!! Tell me more about this sun's up cobbler... We were supposed to all go to a plein air art event at this local festival but it's all rained out. Totally bummed. You've all inspired me to work up a Solstice menu though, I've been procrastinating.
I do pretty much exactly like SuburbanHippie (post totally cracked me up btw). I don't announce it, I just do it. It feels good.
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan Hang on, the equipment trouble is the company's fault? Count it as time worked. If you were in an office waiting on IT, they'd let you stay on the clock while you goofed around on your phone or read a book. Yep I agree.
If you feel better in the pants then I would go with that! It sounds like a very nice outfit. Not that you mentioned this but just in case I would also recommend not wearing open toe or open heel shoes as some companies have policies against it (don't know why but I've seen it quite a bit!) Heels or flats are totally your option though - I personally always wear heels to this kind of thing because it gives me that "power" feeling but that's just me.
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