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I never bring unsolicited food to a party because it's a big pet peeve of mine when people do this to me. I do ALWAYS ask if I can bring something and if the offer is declined I do bring SOMETHING but it's not food - I'll bring a bottle of wine or flowers or something for the host / hostess generally.
I'd say very similar, with the exception that I think I convey more confidence in myself then is actually real. My internal dialogue is pretty self-depricating but I try not to bring that out in conversation.
Don't mind me... subbing because I need the same thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie actually, you were once a member of this thread before, in one of it's previous incarnations, AKA the friends of fiestabeth. but welcome to the cult! Shhhh... don't say the word "cult", you never know who will come out of hiding around here. Like moths to a flame I tell ya.
This thread is awfully long and I just came here, can I get some Cliff Notes on the progress thus far?
Very cool! Is there a local shop that you really like but never get to spend money in? I'd probably opt for something that I could cherish for a long time so I'd remember it like a funky purse or something - but then pedicures and manicures are awfully nice. Curious to see what you decide.
Those honey mustard pretzels are the devil. Decoder rings are still on backorder, the demand was just too great. The rumor is that katie9143 is very impressionable, but I can't reveal my source.
Quote: Originally Posted by katie9143 nadda....watchin' some tube....same ole same ole....u? Making friends and influencing people as usual.
I'm around, just stopped in to say HELLO
Wats happenin'?
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