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On the inspiring jewelry idea, we made something like these in a women's spirituality group I belond to at my UU church: http://www.seedsofkindness.biz/aboutbeads3.html They were easy to make and fantastic for meditation. I picked out for my main beads ones that were symbolic for me on each of the main points, so one to represent myself, one for a close friend, one for someone difficult and one for a stranger. It's really a nice feeling to focus on each one and...
LOVE the bracelet! You've inspired me, I'm going to make one!
It's been about two years now that's I've been vegan, maybe a little more - not sure! It all started with a visit to a dairy farm for me, I had actually never really considered even going vegetarian before that. I left the tour, turned to my husband and one of my older sons and said "I think I'm going to give up dairy." I did and started reading things and within a few days I also gave up all meat. I kept eating eggs for a few months but then gave up those as well....
Quote: Originally Posted by ilikethedesert My kids love sunflower butter, as well. It's the right combination of salty and sweet and nutty. What is sunbutter?????????????? It's just a specific company product name for a sunflower butter.
Quote: Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali HK- I want to order 2 mats and the shipping would be over $10. Plus, Barefoot headquarters are in Cambridge so I was thinking I could combine a visit. Good plan! You'll love the Barefoot store, it's so cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by brendon Yummy, I just made apple crisp with a layer of rice on the bottom and the whole house smells just yummy! Ooooh that sounds delicious!
Oh favorite positions - hmmm I don't know all the names. The only position I can think of that I don't like is the chair pose. Hate that one. I like all the cat poses (shocking I know! Ha!), I also love, love, love the one legged balance poses, they are a challenge for me because I'm such a klutz.
Quote: Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali Thanks for recommending that site! I'm just waiting on a check to arrive and I'll order a mat for both me and ds. Though I'm tempted to see if they allow local pickup. Your so welcome! I was curious about the local pickup thing as well actually, although the shipping was only $5.00 for the mat so it's probably cheaper than the gas for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by twopinknoblue Cinnamon Sugar flavors are awesome, That Cinnamon Sugar one is amazing, I love it on raisin toast in the morning. Yummmmmmm. It's also really tasty on apples!
Quote: Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali I want to get ds and I yoga mats from LOTUSPAD. It's not in my budget right now though. That's the yoga mat I'm getting Cam, although it probably won't be here before his next class on Thursday. I thought the game on that site looks really cool too, I'm going to tell his yoga instructor about it - they might want it for class. Yoga is great, love, love, love it.
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