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Yep Sunbutter rawks, as does the TJ Sunflower Seed butter. Tastes very much like peanut butter. My 5 year old is in a peanut free school and is a peanut butter addict as well (also a very picky eater), and he gobbles up both of those.
And she just called me again the second after I posted that! I'm excited, we are going to plan a big Samhain event at the UU church so she wants to set up a planning meeting next week. :
So after I posted yesterday that I have been feeling dis-connected lately and planned on e-mailing my Pagan group (which I still haven't done yet), one of the members called me last night! I missed her call so I don't know what she was calling about yet, but still, I thought it was pretty cool that she called on the same day I had posted that.
Four boys here - ages 18, 14, 5 and 3. Oh and two boy dogs. But I did get a girl dog a few months ago so I have an ally now On sharing - the majority of our house is "sharing space" but the little ones do have a room then can go to if they want to play by themselves if they don't feel like sharing. If there is an argument over a toy I remind them that they are in a 'sharing room" but if one of them doesn't feel like sharing he can go into the other room to play by...
I've been realizing that I haven't been as connected to my Paganism as I like to lately so I want to get back into the swing of things and need to start posting to these threads more often for inspiration! It doesn't help that our local Pagan group hasn't had a meeting in awhile. I need to e-mail them today and get one planned. Quote: Originally Posted by brendon Anyone else struggle with this? I feel guilty buying food that is trucked in, so local...
Quote: Originally Posted by richella Maybe zucchini bread is a midwestern thing? I'm on the east coast and it's a big thing here too.
I have a cute story about the PPK cake actually, it's been my 5 year old's favorite for the last couple of years - but he hates zucchini so I never told him what was in it and why I only make it this time of year... So this year I'm making his favorite "chocolate chip" cake and he wants to help! Eeek! So I'm putting everything except the zucchini in and I tell him I need to put the secret ingrediant in so why doesn't he go play with his brother? He insists on...
The zucchini bread recipe on PPK is to die for. Seriously. Every time someone tries it they beg me for the recipe. http://www.theppk.com/recipes/dbreci...p?RecipeID=206
Incredibly rude. When me and my DH got engaged my in laws threw us an engagement party and they invited a bunch of people that were not on our wedding invite list and I thought that was so rude. When my MIL showed me her invite list I pointed out that our wedding is going to be small and that a lot of the people on her engagement party list we just couldn't invite. She told me, "Well they owe me gifts so we're inviting them to the engagement party so they can...
Aaaack you women talk to much! I need to spend the next 1/2 hour catching up on posts since the last time I was here.
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