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Vegan Lunch Box! They just came out with a new edition, tons of great ideas for toddler meals in there. My 3 year old loves just about everything in there.
It makes a fantastic hot breakfast! Cook it up and stir in a little Earth Balance or coconut oil, some brown sugar or honey and raisins. Yummmm. I have a great soup recipe that uses quinoa too... will post it in a bit.
You're in my thoughts. I hope things get better for you soon.
But... even if the provider cared (which I'm pretty sure they wouldn't) you'd only be causing trouble for the neighbor that it sounds like has been nice to you. Let it go.
Oooh yummy! I'm not a big raisin fan though, I think I'll try these with pineapple or something else in place of them. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by 425lisamarie I'm guessing the closest thing would be to make this chickpea salad as beign discussed in this thread, wihtout the smashing of them though; then add noodles to it, top with breadcrumbs or something and bake Hmmm that sounds good. I may have to mess with that and see what happens.
Quote: Originally Posted by JenLove All this talk about school ... out of curiosity .. does anyone homeschool? I've been homeschooling my 14 year old for the last two years, undecided if we are going to do it this year, he might be going to a local public school for high school instead. It's not the school for our district but in Massachusetts we can send kids to a different district through "school choice". This particular high school only...
"Your decoder ring is in the mail."
Congrats! :
OK well that tells us a lot more. I can tell you this - I have a friend that I had great conversations with, we had a ton in common, yadda, yadda. Then she went down a bad path for several years. She did a lot of things that I just couldn't understand. She even turned mean to her friends for awhile, it all came from a place of pain but I couldn't let her hurt me anymore so we drifted apart for awhile. I didn't call off the friendship or anything like that - we just...
New Posts  All Forums: