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I think you answered your own question with this statement: Quote: I expect certain things from my friends. Like morals. Clearly you don't want to be friends with this woman. It seems that in your description of her life you left out some important details, like her feelings and emotions through all of this mess - it's just a list of her *poor* decisions. If it was my friend I'd want to know what drove her to have an affair, why she so...
Quote: Originally Posted by Megs_BK So I didn't convince you to see anyone with my longwinded post? I'm sure the guy at the running store was nice & helpful... but that's not the same as someone trained in gait analysis who will look at the angles & rotation of all your joints to narrow down the problem. And that's the end of my sermon and I will leave you alone now. I actually do have a call into my doctor based on your post, but it will...
Ya know I've never boiled / steamed my tempeh first and I love it just fine, but I've read that here before and one of these days I will try it.
I adore the stuff but the first time I had it I didn't care for it and the second time I just thought it was OK. For me, it was an acquired taste. If someone tried to take my flax seed tempeh from me now I would stab their hand with my fork. :
I love to soak portabellos in terriyaki (sp?) and cook them on the grill - yummmmmmmmmm. Sweet potatoes cooked on the grill are delicious as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by JenLove I've decided to do a walking workout from Fitness magazine. If I feel really good then I can throw some running into it, but I need a structure and I need to keep moving. So today I'm doing their strength routine. Good idea! Hope it goes well.
You can totally do it JayGee!! : (where the heck did this smiley come from anyways? LOL) I'm in a hyper excited mood today because - I ran this morning!! : I didn't do a lot, kept it easy. I'm not even sure how far I went because I didn't keep track of time or distance - although I know I was gone for 45 minutes. I decided to skip the usual road route and jog on some trails in the conservation area near our house because I figured that would be easier on my...
Ah eksmom that bites. Stupid knees :
Living room we spent too much - like $4,000 for everything but it was Ethan Allen. I wouldn't buy furniture from them again though - it took forever to come in and it's just not worth the money IMO. Family room like $1,500 for the couch and chair and a 1/2 from Boston Interiors and we love it.
Quote: Originally Posted by velveeta I have heard them called "Jesus shoes". Ditto that. I like the JC waterwalker term though - that's cute.
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