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I buy CDs. I have an iPod but I don't even know where it is... I like my CDs for some reason.
In the interest of safety and full disclosure I think you should make the call with me on conference.
Quote: Originally Posted by littleaugustbaby So, you asked for advice and opinions, and then when people didn't tell you what you wanted to hear, you told them that they weren't mature enough to understand the situation. Obviously you weren't 100% certain that what you did was right, or you wouldn't have been second-guessing yourself or going out of your way to try to make amends for it. Well said. With maturity comes the ability to own our...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kathryn Gonna come share them with me, eh? Uh... yeah... share them! That's exactly what I was thinking!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kathryn I think I'm going to buy several 4 packs of it and hide them around the house. In the interest of full disclosure Kathryn I think perhaps you should PM me your address.
Quote: Originally Posted by jellop The only reasonable solution to this that I can see, though, is to just go to the store and buy some more super-yummy-delicious Crantinis. What a great idea! And this time if you don't finish them all right away (and what a waste that would be if you didn't) at least point a web cam at the remaining bottles so we can bust your husband when he goes after them again.
I was looking for something simple for my wedding too and I read somewhere to look at the bridesmaid dresses and just order one in white so I did! It was a dress that would have been very fancy for a bridesmaid but as a wedding dress it was very pretty but not ornate - perfect for what I was going for. And the best part was that is was $250. So just a thought - you may want to check out the bridesmaid dresses instead of just the bride ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shonahsmom "Easily Distracted By Shiny Things" with little diamonds, sparkly shoes and mirrors all over it. : OK see now I find that hilarious because my son is like that. No matter what he is doing if he sees something shiny he completely loses concentration
Soooo... no one else gets HBO I guess
Quote: Originally Posted by Kitsune6 Your TJ's doesn't sell booze? What kind of idiocracy is that?!?! It's Massachusetts law or some lame excuse like that
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