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So cute Shiloh and peacemama!
Dalia, my almost 6 mon old is pretty similar...minus the sleeping well at night part. Unless I lay down with him he rarely sleeps more than 30 minutes for a nap. We have some good nights but for the most part he wakes to eat every 2 hours. I'm pretty sure there might be a tooth involved with the night wakings but he's been this way with naps since the get go. Eh
Nice! I check back here every once in a while and I was sure it had been totally abandoned. I do find the Facebook group a bit easier but I still check this one and I was really curious about how everyone is doing. Irielyn- I am so with you on struggling to figure out the parenting two little ones bit. I'm home alone with them 99% of the time, it's below freezing outside most days, we dont live near any familyfor a helping hand, and I am exhausted. I read an article...
I definitely agree with katelove. Persist with it before the baby is born. With our son I started by sleeping with my back to him. He hated it at first and would cry but I persisted and told him he could snuggle up to my back but I would not turn over. Then we made him his own full size bed and DH and I started taking turns laying down with him so he'd be used to me not being there but know that it wasn't all the time. Eventually he didn't care which parent was there as...
Mainemama- when we became facebook friends I saw that we only live a couple towns apart but I was worried it might be an invasion or something to mention it. That' s funny. I don't want to put my town on here but I'll send you a message. We are basically neighbors. You know, for rural maine anyway.
Thanks ladies. Fortunately today was better. I'm up off the floor but still taking it easy. No baby wearing and minimal carrying at all. It definitely makes coaxing this boy to sleep a little more complicated. Danielle- I just finished packing up all our newborn clothes for my brother. It was kind of sad to seal the box even though I know we don't want more kids. My husband and are are equally sure of that but still...
Slammerkin- sorry sex is still pooey. It'll get better, just keep trying Yogini- be kind to yourself. 2 months is nothing when you consider the craziness our bodies have been through. I understand the frustration. I feel it too. I am so anxious to be back in my normal strong body and at 3 months I'm finally making progress with my separated abs and weight loss. I still have 10-15lbs and a lot of strengthening to go and I'm just constantly reminding myself to be patient...
Thanks for the replies. I ended up planning to birth with the midwives at pen bay and then having a very fast surprise home birth with my doula turned midwife. I did really like everyone at pen bay but my son had other ideas.
I know! I live in an alternate reality. The homebirth midwives (who ended up attending porter's birth because we had hired one of them as a doula) have delivered the majority of the kids I've met since moving here.
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