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I think in training this girl was given a sheet of paper that said: "when in doubt, mention the following words: personally I believe, unable to do so, americans, ...everything like such as like...south africa and iraq"
wanted to add.. I asked my trainer today, he does the bodybuilding thing, and he said that if he went by his BMI he would be considered "morbidly obese" because muscle weighs more than fat, so for a person that works out regularly and clearly IS in shape, BMI should not matter because it's not an accurate way to tell if that person is in shape because of the muscle weight. anyway, just wanted to share.
Quote: Originally Posted by umsami Not to totally ruin your night, but skin calipers are generally not viewed as useful because it's hard to replicate data... but I think they're better than BMI, in general. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/473630_10 what do you mean that it's hard to "replicate"? My trainer does it three times in each spot each time. The American College of Sports Medicine says it can be up to 98% accurate if done by a...
Quote: Originally Posted by lisac77 BMI is a "body mass index" and is based only on height and weight. Your trainer is calculating your body fat percentage, which is another thing all together, and a much better indicator of your overall health. omg YOU ARE SO RIGHT. I'm sorry. I thought we were talking about BFP oh and yes, my trainer uses the skin calipers (sp?) in my back, thighs, stomach and arms. that's where I'm a 19%. I don't like...
I think it's not BS at all. I have mine measured every 6 weeks by my trainer, he does it with little metal hooks, measuring the amount of fat in my body. I can tell you, for, me I have gone from 25% to 19% BMI in a few months of working out 5 days a week (I am at 19% as of last week), and even if the number in itself doesn't say much in general, it helps to compare using it as before & after. The most accurate way of measuring BMI is under water. I would not measure your...
yep, that's why I don't do public pools. I'm so glad somebody understands me! Most people just think it's snobish but if you think about it it's just gross.
I would get a full time maid. We had two growing up in Chile and I took them for granted, it is SO nice to not even have to make your bed. I hate doing housework. HATE IT. I already have a personal trainer but he's not "my" personal trainer. He works at the gym I go to and I pay for an hour of personal training every two weeks, and he changes my workout routine everytime I see him, it's really nice. He also does the fat test (body mass index) and measurements and keeps me...
THAT IS AWESOME! good for you. Wear them with pride Not everyday do you get to find a bargain like that. I don't own any expensive shoes.
nope. I had a two story head fall/injury when I was 7. I was in the ICU hooked to life machines for 2 weeks.
spray it with something! anything! i tried cooking spray once. it works!
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